Giving Thanks

Welcome to our newest feature on the blog: Recognition Resources. At least once per
month we’ll provide an exclusive download for SA staff; typically the download will feature
thank you cards or similar methods of recognition.

In these tough budget times, it’s so important to let our staff know that we appreciate the
work they do. Since we don’t always have the budgets to provide recognition awards, praise too often goes unsaid. The purpose of this feature is to provide you with free printable tools to help spread the cheer and increase staff morale.

The first download is a set of flat thank you cards. Click on the thumbnail to download the
pdf, then print on cardstock or thicker paper. Cut them apart, write your praise and pass
them on. Then sit back and watch the magic of recognition.

Don’t worry; we’ll switch up the colors so they won’t always be so bold and neon.


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