Halloween at UCSB

Dear Student Affairs Team,

Below is a message from UC Santa Barbara.
Please share this important information with any students who might be considering visiting Isla Vista during the Halloween period.

Important information about Halloween:
Isla Vista/UC Santa Barbara

October 2012

Dear Colleague:

On behalf of concerned members of the UC Santa Barbara community, I would like to alert your students to the potentially serious consequences of choosing to visit Isla Vista this Halloween.

Over the Halloween period, hundreds of deputies, including some on horseback, will be deployed in Isla Vista to enforce the law and local ordinances, heightening the risk of some of your students leaving Santa Barbara with an arrest record. Most misdemeanors, such as public intoxication, along with felonies, will mean spending at least one night in the Santa Barbara County Jail. The Santa Barbara County District Attorney is asking for the highest possible fines and anyone under 21 years of age who is arrested for public intoxication will lose his or her driver’s license for one year and be placed on probation for three years. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol will establish sobriety checkpoints in the area throughout the Halloween period. Law enforcement will not issue warnings for violations observed. Potential visitors should also note that there will be no live or pre-recorded amplified music allowed in public in Isla Vista during the Halloween period, from Wednesday, October 24 through Friday, November 2, each evening from 6 pm to 7 am the following morning. Out-of-town visitors will not be allowed to park on the UCSB campus or in the surrounding commercial lots or on neighborhood streets, and tow companies are prepared to tow illegally parked cars.

Because approximately ninety percent of those cited and arrested are from out of the area each year, it is important that students on your campus be warned about the possible outcome of a visit to Isla Vista during the Halloween period. The safety information which we distribute to our own students is attached and available on-line at osl.sa.ucsb.edu. This information provides details regarding Halloween period law enforcement policies. I would appreciate your help in distributing the information contained in this letter and the attachment as you deem appropriate.

I hope that your students will consider the risks and possible penalties of coming to Isla Vista this year—and then decide to stay away for their own safety and protection.


Debbie Fleming
Senior Associate Dean of Students
University of California, Santa Barbara

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