Lifeguard Certification Course at the ARC

UCI LIfeguardThe department of Campus Recreation is offering a Lifeguard Certification Course over Memorial Day Weekend. The cost of the class is $160 per person and the time commitment is as follows: Friday May 24th from 5p-9p, Saturday May 25th from 9a-7p, and Sunday May 26th from 9a-7p

The class primarily serves UCI students who want to work as a lifeguard and the teenage children of faculty and staff who are interested in the profession. You must be 15 years old to take the class. You don’t need to be swim team member but you should be a very stronger swimmer with complete confidence in the water.

Call the Campus Recreation Services desk to enroll at 949.824.3738


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A total of 6831 participants!

Massage Therapy at the ARC

Yes, you heard right, you can get a massage at the ARC. Now, we realize that getting a massage at the school gym might not sound appealing, but what you might not know is that there are private massage rooms and personal locker rooms in the ARC’s wellness suite, far away from the gyms and workout areas.

So who’s giving those massages? Well, you might be surprised to find out that all of Campus Recreation’s massage therapists are professionals, not students, and they certified with at least 500 hours of massage training from an AMTA accredited/approved massage school. This is the same certification requirement of all businesses that provide massage services. Here at the ARC, we offer the same relaxing and luxurious experience you would expect from a private massage studio.

Do you have to be an ARC member to sign up for massage therapy at the ARC? No! Anyone can enjoy a massage at the ARC. If you’re not an ARC member, you’ll just need to buy an ARC day pass to enter the building.

So why should you get a massage at the ARC? Well, first off, you’re at UCI, a trustworthy organization where you can be confident that you will be cared for by trained professionals. Also, the ARC Wellness suite provides the same private facilities that you’d find at typical day spa without the extra overhead costs.

For an accurate portrayal of the ARC massage experience, please see the video below.



To sign up for massage therapy, please contact the Campus Recreation Services Desk at 949.824.3738

5 Great Places to Hike in OC


1. Santiago Oaks Regional Park Trails – Orange, Ca

This hidden wilderness area is tucked high in the hills of East Orange and offers several short hiking trails. Choose from easy flat hikes alongside Santiago Creek or steeper climbs that lead to dramatic city vistas. The park itself features a nature center, creek side picnic tables (great for parties) and plumbed bathrooms. You’ll need to buy a day pass to access the trails, $3 – $7 per day. Keep your eyes peeled for deer. While hiking in October, I was lucky enough to spot a doe and her twin fawns jumping over brush.

For more specifics visit:


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