From the Archives: LBJ Part 1

Nobility of site: On June 20, 1964 a historic event took place at what would become a brand new UC campus. This day would be the official site dedication for UC Irvine, the eighth campus of the University of California, and it was to be televised nationally.

In addition to Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich, many dignitaries would be present including California Governor Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, UC President Clark Kerr, UC Regents Chair Edward Carter and Congressman Richard Hanna to name a few. The most distinguished, however, was none other than President Lyndon B. Johnson – the president himself would be speaking and participating in the dedication ceremonies. 15,000 people showed up to witness this historic occasion. Below is the first of two galleries documenting UC Irvine Dedication Day.


Archive Photo of the Week

A work in progress: The concept of UCI’s spacial structure as envisioned by UC President Clark Kerr along with Master Architect William Pereira and founding UCI Chancellor Dan Aldrich Jr. – with academic disciplines forming a ring – had clearly emerged by 1966.

Founders’ Court is visible at the 2 o’clock position. In the foreground are Langson Library and Gateway Study Center. In the lower right corner, the flagpoles and turnaround are visible with a parking lot where Aldrich Hall is today.

UCI seen from the air in 1966