Employer Spotlight: Stacie Oshima, Career Counselor

Stacie Oshima is currently a Career Counselor at the UCI Career Center and works to help students further their career path. In addition to counseling, Stacie serves on the Glee Club, a committee of staff members who meet once a month to brainstorm ways to incorporate fun into the work environment. Stacie has worked for the campus since 2005 and continues to build strong relationships with the Career Center staff and students through her infectious humor.


Name: Stacie Oshima

Graduation year: June 1996, UCLA, Communication Studies Major

Current Position?
Career Counselor

Student Affairs involvement?
I’ve been a Career Counselor here since 2005, and prior to that, I was an academic advisor for the School of Business at Biola University and interned at the UCLA Career Center.  I wasn’t always in Student Affairs, though.  Back in the Stone Age (prior to my career change), I was a Marketing Manager at MGM Studios.

What has being involved in Student Affairs taught you?
To pursue passion (or whatever is important to you) in your work. To do work that is personally meaningful with colleagues who feel the same is like hitting the lotto!

How has your experience at UCI impacted who you are now and what you do?
 It has given me this amazing opportunity to do what I LOVE to do each day … like working with UCI students and helping them with their career development.  I remember how intimidated I felt as an undergrad trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my career, and now I’m blessed to help others in that same boat. Seeing them grow through this process is so rewarding.

What is one unexpected thing you’ve discovered while at UCI?
I’ve heard about the underground tunnels, but I think I’m too chicken (and too much of a germ-a-phobe) to check them out.

Any other connections to UCI to recommend?
My husband is a UCI alum and a HUGE Anteater basketball fan! Our family loves going to UCI basketball games and cheering on our team, and our three boys always look forward to getting a big high five from Peter the Anteater! Zot Zot Zot!!!

Tell us about Glee Club. What is your favorite thing about it?
Our fun-loving staff understands the importance of enjoying our work, our environment, and our team members – we are the Career Center, after all!  As such, we created our very own non-singing Glee Club. The club’s purpose is to create opportunities for fun and team building – and for some reason, most of our activities revolve around food. We have activities like themed potlucks (imagine “Christmas in August” with a white elephant gift exchange), a book club, and happy hours among other things.