Peyam’s Website!

Hi everyone!

My name is Peyam, and this is my website. I’m super excited to be a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Irvine. Here is where you can find info about courses I’m teaching and office hours, etc.

e-mail: tabrizianpeyam@hotmail (I left out the .com for anti-spam-purposes)

Office: 410N Rowland

Office Hours: W 3 – 5 PM


I’m on YouTube! Subscribe to my channel Dr. Peyam’s Show


Curriculum Vitae

Research Statement

Teaching Statement

Papers and Preprints

Asymptotic PDE Models for Chemical Reactions and Diffusions (PhD Thesis, UC Berkeley, 2016)

Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchowski equations (joint paper with my PhD advisor Prof. Evans, SIAM Journal of Analysis, 2016)

Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchwoski equations in several dimensions with general potentials (joint paper with Insuk Seo, preprint, 2018)