Peyam’s Website!

Hi everyone!

My name is Peyam, and this is my website. I’m super excited to be a Visiting Assistant Professor at UC Irvine. Here is where you can find info about courses I’m teaching and office hours, etc.

e-mail: drpeyam at gmail dot com

Office: 410N Rowland

Office Hours: Tu 2 – 3 PM, W 1 – 2 PM


I’m on YouTube! Subscribe to my channel: Dr. Peyam


Curriculum Vitae

Research Statement

Teaching Statement

Papers and Preprints

Asymptotic PDE Models for Chemical Reactions and Diffusions (PhD Thesis, UC Berkeley, 2016)

Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchowski equations (joint paper with my PhD advisor Prof. Evans, SIAM Journal of Analysis, 2016)

Asymptotics for scaled Kramers-Smoluchwoski equations in several dimensions with general potentials (joint paper with Insuk Seo, preprint, 2018)