Upcoming Meetings: February 2016

Tuesday, 2/9: Geetha Durairaj
Geetha is a post-doctoral fellow in Dr. Peter Kaiser’s in the Department of Biological Chemistry. She recently interned at a patent law office in Irvine and she will be discussing her experience, what is involved in patent law, and what it takes to transition from lab to law.

Tuesday, 2/23: Nan Wu
Nan is a graduate student in Dr. Chris Hughes lab in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She will be leading a discussion on cell staining and imaging. This will be a great opportunity for microscopy beginners and those with more experience to share methods and help troubleshoot with one another.

Upcoming Meetings: January 2016

Welcome back and happy new year!!! I look forward to our upcoming meetings and encourage you to share ideas for future meetings. We will still be in Sprague Hall, basement room B2. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this group please let me know at sborrego@uci.edu.

Tuesday, 1/12: Adeela Syed, Optical Biology Core Manager
Adeela will be discussing the resources and technologies available at the Optical Biology Core. After her presentation she is happy to answer any questions that you may have. I would also like to use this meeting to share knowledge of some microscopy tricks that we all have learned along the way. If you are an expert or new to imaging I hope you will stop by to share helpful hints and discuss difficulties that you or others may be experiencing.

Tuesday, 1/26: Dr. Peter Kaiser
Dr. Kaiser will be discussing resources and technologies available for high-throughput small molecule screening based on his own experiences. He currently leads a collaborative study to identify small molecules capable of reactivating p53 mutants in cancer. As always, this meeting will be an open discussion format so bring your questions and curiosity!

For more information about the project visit the UCI Office of Technology Alliances.

Upcoming Meetings: December 2015

For the month of December we we only have one meeting to avoid the hustle-bustle of the holidays. If you have any ideas for future meetings please let me know, this group is meant to represent the interests of everyone.

Tuesday, 12/01: Vanessa Scarfone
Many of you may know Vanessa as she is the FACS lab manager for the Stem Cell Research Center. She will be discussing the basics of flow cytometry and its applications. If you have any general or specific questions she would be happy to address them! Please email me (sborrego@uci.edu) your questions before the meeting, within the next week preferred, so she can thoroughly answer your questions.

Upcoming Meetings: November 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back! This year’s roundtable meetings are getting off on a late start but I’m very excited to get going!

For new and returning visitors, let me just refresh your minds about this group. The Research Roundtable is an open discussion group hosted by and for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. I envision this group to be as interactive as possible, to help us network, learn more about scientific techniques, or even ask for help troubleshooting. I like to have a specific topic for every meeting and sometimes I will invite someone to give a presentation to spark the discussion of the that meeting. Volunteer presenters are always welcome too! You can let me know ahead of time and I can post your info on the website.

If you have any ideas for topics on future meetings or have any suggestions, comments, concerns…please let me know! I would like to hear from you and make this group as helpful to everyone as possible. My email: sborrego@uci.edu.

As always, coffee and bagels will be provided! All meetings will be held in Sprague Hall, basement B2 (follow the signs).

Tuesday, 11/03: Starting with the Basics – Lab Hacks
Since this is the first quarter for many students, I thought it would be nice to have a meeting with new and familiar faces to help share tips and tricks about basic lab techniques. Western blot hacks like multiplexing antibodies and using antibodies repeatedly will be discussed and how to run your agarose gel in 10 minutes. If you are experienced in the lab but have a lot to share I hope will stop by and help get this discussion going!

Tuesday, 11/17: Brian Vegetabile, Principles of Visualization
Brian is a graduate student in the UCI Department of Statistics. He will review various techniques of data visualization that can make your data more intuitive to the reader (Hint: sometimes bar graphs aren’t the best choice!). His presentation will include graphs generated in R.

Tuesday, 11/24: Stacey Borrego, Simple Graphs in R
Recently we reviewed how to better visualize your data to your reader using a variety of plots and graphing features. Using the programming language R, we will go over how to generate basics R graphs. No experience necessary, all the code will be provided for you! If you would like to follow along, please download RStudio and bring your computer.

Upcoming Meetings: April 2015

Tuesday, 4/7 Cloning Discussion:
This meeting is intended to open the floor for everyone to share their own cloning techniques, tips, tricks, and troubles. For anyone interested in sharing their own methods, feel free to make 1 or 2 powerpoint slides to share in a brief presentation. If you do intend to share, you can just show up to the meeting or let me know ahead of time so I can post on the website the topic that you will cover. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at sborrego@uci.edu.

Volunteer Presenters:
Selma Alkafeef (Liu Lab): Introduction of point mutations into cloned genes
James Yu (Sandmeyer Lab): Gibson cloning

Tuesday, 4/21 Protein Translation Disscussion:
Similar to our last meeting, this meeting will be another open discussion. Everyone is welcome to contribute and if you would like to present your method please make a powerpoint slide or two to help visualize your method. You are welcome to just show up or if you want to volunteer ahead of time I can add your name to the site!

Volunteer Presenters:
Stacey Borrego (Kaiser lab): Nascent Protein labeling using Click Chemistry, SUnSET protein synthesis assay
Marlene Cervantes (Sassone-Corsi lab): Polysome profiling

Upcoming Meetings: March 2015

Tuesday, 3/10 CRISPR discussion:
This meeting will review the powerful gene editing technology of CRISPR. See the Recommended Papers tab for suggested literature. If you would like to present on this topic please contact sborrego@uci.edu.

Upcoming Meetings: January and February 2015

Tuesday, 1/27: Dr. Diane Campbell
Dr. Campbell is a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She teaches E207 Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and she will review issues with large data sets and multiple comparisons. Examples from Jain et al 2012 will be reviewed (see Recommended Papers).

Tuesday, 2/10: Angela Garibaldi
Angela is a graduate student in Dr. Hertel’s lab in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. She will discuss RNAseq library preparations and the various options available to modify the protocol to best suite your experiment.

Tuesday, 2/24: Dr. Daniel Newkirk
Daniel is a recent Ph.D. graduate from the lab of Dr. Kyoko Yokomori in the Department of Biological Chemistry. He will provide a tutorial on generating figures using the programming language R. In order to provide the most useful tutorials, please submit requests for specific figure types or let us know what type of data sets you are working with.


Welcome to the School of Medicine Round Table! Here you can find information that UCI graduate students and post-docs have submitted as a resource for the scientific community. The goal of this group and website is to share our knowledge and experiences in the lab and throughout our journeys in science in order to help each other out.

Check out the calendar below to for more information on upcoming events and meetings!

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