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Thinking About Co-Curricular Learning… Why Measure Student Learning Outcomes?
How do we know that our students are gaining the skills and knowledge we hope for through our co-curricular programs and services? Examining our evidence about the learning that results from Student Affairs activities and services will support and demonstrate student success. Our assessments help identify student needs and progress, enable us to make data-driven decisions to improve our offerings, and demonstrate our accountability to institutional priorities. Our assessment activities also emphasize a commitment to ongoing program and service improvements and divisional learning.


We are committed to…
examining programs and services in ways that follow good practices for reflection, evidence review, and improvements of our practices (Astin & Antonio, 2012; Suskie, 2009). We aim to use approaches that easily integrate into co-curricular experiences and settings to make the most effective use of resources and collaborations across our campus to inform and enhance the student experience (Bresciani, Gardener & Hickmott, 2009; Maki, 2004).



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