UCI Student Affairs has a longstanding commitment to supporting student learning both in and out of the classroom. Our co-curricular programs and services promote student learning, which we track and measure by performing student learning outcomes (SLOs) assessment. To determine to what extent our students are gaining the knowledge and skills that our programs intend, every year Student Affairs units and departments articulate relevant specific SLOs then measure and report on the evidence pertaining to student learning in those areas. The results of this data-driven assessment process not only document evidence of the student learning that our units foster, but are used by our units and the division to inform the improvement of existing programs and to set priorities for creating, expanding, and reducing programs. Finally, our assessment steps and results are provided to UCI’s accrediting agency (Senior Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges [WSCUC]) for their review and approval each time UCI is re-accredited.

There are five domains into which all UCI Student Affairs student learning outcomes fall:

  1. Civic & Community Engagement
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Diversity & Global Consciousness
  4. Administrative & Professional Skills
  5. Personal Responsibility