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Alternate to Lorem Ipsum

Fillerati website screenshot

Web developers and graphic designers are familiar with the Lorem Ipsum type of content filler. It’s just dummy text to give samples of what a design ¬†will look like with content in place. There are a few Lorem Ipsum generators out there. Yesterday, I found a fun Lorem Ipsum alternate that uses actual text from…

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Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Designer screenshot

While working on configuring a Drupal theme for a client, I came across this website called Color Scheme Designer. It’s kind a neat way to play with color palettes and see website examples. It includes a monochromatic scheme, complementary color scheme, etc. You can get the hex codes and download the color scheme you create.…

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Subscribing to Podcasts Outside of iTunes

I’m a big fan of Jack Kornfield. He’s a Buddhist meditation teacher who’s compassion and humor has helped me through some tough times. He records Dharma talks regularly that are published as podcasts. However, they are not that easy to find and are not in the iTunes podcast directory. I found this eHow article that…

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