Shohreh Bozorgmehri

Shohreh Bozorgmehri

Shohreh Bozorgmehri is the Director of Student and Academic Services Division at UCI’s Office of Information Technology. She oversees the following functional areas:

  • Student and Academic Services
    • Academic Web Technologies which leads instructional technology efforts on campus and develops and maintains UCI’s course management system, Electronic Educational Environment, Distance Learning Center’s course management system, and UCI Replay, a recording system for lectures and meetings.
    • Division of Undergraduate Education – Information Technology (DUE-IT) which provides IT support for the Division of Undergraduate Education.
    • Academic Applications
  • Executive Application Support
    • UC Recruit Application Support which provides IT support for the Office of Academic Personnel by maintaining UC Recruit, a faculty recruitment system, AP Review, a system that allows for electronic review of academic personnel files, and myData, an online faculty database that helps faculty members track their teaching, research and service activities.
    • Chancellor and Provost IT
  • Student Affairs Support
    • Student Life and Leadership IT
    • Student Affairs IT
    • The Hill Bookstore IT
    • Student Center & Event Services IT
    • Housing Development
    • Housing IT
    • Wellness Health & Counseling Services, Web Application Development
  • Instruction & Research Infrastructure
    • Smart Classroom Operations
    • Classroom Technology Planning & Outreach
    • Instructional Labs Support
    • Research Computing Support
    • Athletics IT

For a complete organization chart, please see the
Office of Information Technology Org Chart.

Brief Biography

Shohreh began her career in computing at UC Los Angeles in 1993. She joined UC Irvine’s (UCI) Network & Academic Computing Services in 1994, where she has established a career in information technology and application development for the past 15 years. She led the design and implementation efforts of UCI’s first course management system, EEE in 1996, convened the campuswide computing lab coordinators group (CLC) from 2001 to 2004, chaired the EEE Operations group in 2007, and initiated the faculty online recruitment system project in 2005.

Shohreh was also involved in a collaborative partnership with the University of California, San Diego to explore UCSD’s current faculty merit and promotion review system for use at UCI in exchange for UCI’s faculty recruitment tool. These projects will embrace full partnership at both policy and procedures as well as application development from each campus.

In 2011, Shohreh’s team began a two year project to develop and launch the UC Irvine’s online faculty recruit system for all 10 UC campuses. This expansion was successfully completed in July 2013 and published as a UC Working Smarter Initiative case study. Other universities in the nation have also expressed interest in UC Recruit.

In October, 2014, Shohreh resumed a responsibility as the Divisional Director  for Student and Academic Services. This IT division is most directly and visibly aligned with UCI’s mission of enhancing student and faculty academic and life experience.

Shohreh’s interests are software development, systems administration, web applications, strategic IT initiatives and partnerships, cross-organizational collaborative IT solutions, user relation, and executive management. Her primarily subject areas include: educational technology, computer labs and classrooms, research computing, software engineering, software as a service cloud, departmental IT support, athletic IT, and academic personnel systems.