Cristian Martinez: Merage winner, update – October 2010

Cristian is currently working for the US Department of State as a Special Assistant to the Race, Ethnicity, and Social Inclusion Unit for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere. She supports initiatives in the Latin America region that address the issue of discrimination, specifically in Brazil and Colombia. The unit works to address issues of discrimination bilaterally and regionally against traditionally discriminated-against communities, such as Afro-Latinos and Indigenous peoples. The Merage foundation funds provided as a Fellow have been integral for her survival as she transitioned into a new city and started a new professional job as a recent graduate. Without the Merage fellowship , she would have had an extremely challenging and difficult transition in affording basic needs, such as housing and work attire. Also the Merage Fellowship helped her clearly define and organize her American Dream, which has been helpful as she moves forward in her career development as a young professional.

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