Jason Molina: Fulbright, Mexico

I am currently working at Rothschild, Mexico and taking MBA courses at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico through my Fulbright binational business scholarship.  It has been three months since embarking on my experience and I have not been disappointed.  24 hours in a day become short to take advantage of everything there is to experience and learn.  This dynamic scholarship is granting me a multifaceted experience.  I am learning first hand how to value and understand the logic of Mexican businesses in my placement by contributing work to financial restructuring and merger and acquisition projects.  Interacting with Mexican professionals is also granting me a unique perspective to learn how to view business, Mexico, and the United States from different social lenses of Mexico’s diverse society classes.  There is never a lack of opinion on Mexico’s interdependence with the United States.  My enjoyment comes in having my perspective of what is Mexico enhanced and enhancing Mexican perspective of the United States and Americans.  Being in Mexico during its 200-year independence anniversary is the best aspect.  Mexico’s culture is historically vibrant but this year its vibrancy is enhanced with a bicentennial touch that the government and the majority of society have made a priority to celebrate.  I am enjoying every minute of the bicentennial, especially on my program integrated culture days.  I have had a fast paced first three months and I look forward to continue making the most of the remaining time in Mexico.

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