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Welcome to the Society of Physics Students!

UCI's Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a social club where undergraduate students who are interested in physics (primarily physics majors) support each other through the physics major. We strive to create a welcoming environment for all physics majors and to foster their development as young career professionals and scientists.

*Weekly Meetings: Thursdays 5-7pm

Throughout the school year, we host events and provide resources to support students on their path to success. Some of which include:

    • Panels, i.e. graduate student & professor panels to help integrate the department
    • Career information, i.e. Industry Networking Night, where students can connect with industry professionals and learn more about how to get an industry career with a physics degree
    • Socials, i.e. movie + game nights, ice cream socials to help students destress before/after exams

If you would like to join our club and become a member, subscribe to our email list. For more information about SPS's history + membership, visit the About page.

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