Thinking about week 3

Thanks for your comments on Amandla! and your specific questions (I’ve posted replies to those–but they’re not showing up on the site. Hope to have that fixed soon.)

In today’s class (Tuesday) we will discuss:

  • Perceptions and portrayals of Mandela’s role in the ANC & the Defiance Campaign
  • The role of music in the struggle
  • The ANC’s relationship with other organizations, including organized labor and the Communist Party
  • Gender roles and family relationships

Class will conclude with a quick preview of what’s coming next

PLEASE NOTE: I’ve adjusted the reading for week 4–dropping one of the chapters. I want to slow down and have more discussion, and so will skip the comparison I had planned. I will still post the chapter of Van Onselen’s The Seed is Mine, for those of you who are interested.

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  1. Nelson Mandela was a leader of the Defiance Campaign, which went against some of the wishes of those in charge of the ANC, for they claimed it was not the time for a radical movement. Music was used by everyone in the struggle in the form of freedom songs, march chants, and ballads that kept their spirits high. Although Mandela was skeptical of outside influence at first, popular majority and his own studies helped him to evolve his view about allowing Indians to work with the ANC as well as with the Communist Party. At first he did not want anyone around who would intentionally or unintentionally bring down the confidence and morale of Africans of the movement.

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