Course Outline

I. Apartheid & Problems in South African History

Week 1
Tuesday: Structures & Perspectives

  • Course requirements
  • Thinking historically
  • The Structure of Apartheid

Read: Course Syllabus.
Bring Clark & Worger (C&W) to class. Look over: Table of Contents, Chronology, Who’s Who, Glossary, and Maps.

Thursday:  African Political Histories

  • Constructing a National History
  • History, Life History, & Storytelling

ReadC&W, Ch 1, “Introduction” & Ch 2, “Historical Background”
Tom Lodge, Mandela: A Critical Life, “Preface”
Nelson Mandela, The Authorized Comic Book, “Son of the Eastern Cape”

Week 2
Tuesday:  Legitimate Grievances: The ANC & The Freedom Charter

Read: C&W, Ch 3, “The Basis of Apartheid”
Mandela, “Birth of a Freedom Fighter”
ANC Youth League Manifesto (C&W: 134-136)
The Freedom Charter (C&W: 148-152)

Thursday: “The Struggle”: Organized and Diffuse
Due: Map Assignment
film: Amandla
Read: Lodge, “Volunteer-in-Chief”

Week 3
Tuesday:  Restrictions, Resistance, Detentions

Read: Ruth First, 117 Days

Thursday: Individuals, Families & the State
Due: Paper 1
Film: A World Apart
Read: C&W, Ch 4 “Growing Contradictions”
Adam Hochschild, The Mirror at Midnight, “Introduction”

II. Rural Experiences: Land, Labor and Mobility

Week 4
Tuesday:  The Rise and Fall of African Farmers

Read: Elsa Joubert, Poppy Nongenga, part I

Thursday:  Land Claims & Rural Displacements
Read: Elsa Joubert, Poppy Nongenga, part II
Hochschild, “A Carpet-Bombing”

optional: Read Charles van Onselen, The Seed Is Mine : the Life of Kas Maine, a South African Sharecropper, 1894-1985

Week 5
Monday: Lecture in Protest Class: extra credit
4-6:50 pm  | 1100 Donald Bren Hall
Hochschild, “Loyal Natives”

Tuesday:  The Trajectory from Country to City
Read: Belinda Bozzoli, Women of Phokeng

Thursday: The Problem of “Poor Whites”
Due: Paper 2
Read: Alexander Hepple, Verwoerd
J.M. Coetzee, Boyhood

III. Urban Unrest

Week 6
Tuesday:  Civil Disobedience & the Spectrum of Protest Groups

Film: You Have Struck a Rock
Read: Blanche La Guma, In the Dark With My Dress on Fire, chs 1-17
Frances Baard describes 1956 protests (C&W: 152-154)

Thursday: The Turn to Armed Struggle
Read: Lodge, “Making a Messiah,” & “Trials
Mandela, “Statement from the Dock, Rivonia Trial

Week 7
Tuesday:  Soweto Uprising & Youth Protests

Read: Mark Mathabane, Kaffir Boy
Helena Pohlandt-McCormick, I Saw a Nightmare
documents & images from archives section–to discuss in class

Thursday: Total Onslaught & Making the Townships Ungovernable
Due: Paper 3
Read: C&W Ch 5, “The Collapse of Apartheid”
Hochschild, “Truth Room

IV. Contested Land, Contested Stories

Week 8
Monday: Adam Hochschild in Protest Class: Extra Credit
4-6:50 pm  | 1100 Donald Bren Hall
Review: Adam Hochschild, The Mirror at Midnight, “Introduction
Hochschild, “Loyal Natives”
Hochschild,“A Carpet-Bombing”

Tuesday:  Class Cancelled

Thursday: Black Consciousness, Struggles for Legitimacy, & the Limits of State Authority
Read: Lindy Wilson, Biko

Week 9
 South Africa, International Politics, & World Opinion
Read: La Guma, In the Dark With my Dress on Fire, Chs. 18-31

Thursday: Guest Speaker: Mr. Cyril Ndaba, Consul General of South Africa
Due: Paper 4
Read: C&W, “The Legacy of Apartheid”

Week 10
Tuesday:  Moves toward Reconciliation

Read: Antjie Krog, Country of My Skull

Thursday:  Unsettled Peace

Final Paper due Thursday 14 June 2012 | 3:00 pm
History Department Office: 200 Krieger Hall