Mandela, “Birth of a Freedom Fighter” | reading/study questions

What is Mandela’s attitude toward non-racial (or multi-racial) political activism? What precipitates changes in Mandela’s attitude?

What is the basis of Mandela’s understanding of South Africa’s economic system and the underpinnings of racial inequality?

Who does Mandela cite as important influences on him?

What are Mandela’s sources of information?

Who do you think is his intended audience for this book?

What are the limits of legitimate opposition to a government?

What is the difference between opposition and rebellion/revolution?

What are the challenges of achieving revolutionary change by democratic means?

Relevant Vocabulary

•Dialectical Materialism
•Nationalism / African nationalism
Brief biographical info:

Ahmed Kathrada: imprisoned after Rivonia trial; ANC MP in 1994 elections; Parliamentary Counselor (adviser to President Mandela)