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Milestones & Timelines

Fall 2020

Winter 2021

Spring 2021

By Purpose

Getting started

Starting in on a new quarter, including tips and tricks for Week 1

Delivering content

Recording and distributing lectures, streaming class content, and more


Gathering student work, online exams, remote proctoring, and more


Discussion forums, email lists, and in-tool conversations


Information on grading and submitting final grades to the Registrar


Tips and techniques to encourage interaction and engagement

Resources From UCI Instructors & Staff

Additional resources from schools, departments, and other campus units


Information and resources on accessibility and supporting accomodations within the UCI Canvas learning management system

By Technology


UCI's comprehensive, centrally-supported learning management system


Remote lecturing and video conferencing tool, integrated with UCI Canvas


Lecture capture and media storage tool, integrated with UCI Canvas


Remote exam monitoring solution, integrated with UCI Canvas


Remote exam proctoring solution, can be used with UCI Canvas


Provide students with tools to effectively prepare for class and engage with content

Other tools

UCI Canvas, EEE+ tools, and more, including other third-party tools

Other resources supporting remote instruction

Planning for Remote Instruction (OVPTL)

Provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning, this site provides remote instruction guidance for both programs and faculty

UCI Coronavirus Hub

Central campus coronavirus information and resource hub

School & Faculty Resources from UCI

Additional resources from schools, departments, and other campus units

Tech Prep (OIT)

Provided by the Office of Information Technology, this site provides resources for effectively working and learning remotely

Senate COVID-19 Communications

Catalogues communications from the Academic Senate regarding temporary adjustments to academic policy and other procedures due to the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Digital Learning (DTEI)

Provided by the Division of Teaching & Learning, this site provides resources to support online and digital learning