Dear Colleagues –

Please be aware of the following with regards to classroom usage for remote teaching during Spring quarter.

1) All classrooms will be available during week 1 of the quarter. It is imperative if you plan to use a general assignment classroom during the quarter, that during week one you log into the classroom computer, even if you do not use it, so we have a record that the room was used. This will be used for planning purposes. (If you are unsure if your classroom is a general assignment one, the list can be found here:

2) We will be consolidating general assignment classroom usage starting week 2. This will NOT impact any local arrangements with School and Department controlled spaces. For any local spaces, continue working with the relevant staff.

3) As we consolidate, the classroom buildings will be locked for security. We will be reaching out to provide keys/card keys to the faculty that need those rooms.

4) To help with the planning, we will be reaching out next week for additional information to ensure we meet your needs for teaching.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

Michael Dennin
Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education