Considering Accessibility

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For questions regarding supporting students with disabilities:

UCI Disability Services Center
949-824-7494 -

How do I give additional time and/or extra attempt for a quiz?

If a student is eligible for alternative testing accommodations per the Disability Services Center, it is the instructor's responsibility to provide that extra time for any exams or quizzes in Canvas. You can set up your exam in Canvas so that this student, and only this student, has extra time or extra attempts to re-take a given exam. See the following guides:

Canvas Quizzes

Note that there is currently no way within Canvas to designate a group of students who should automatically receive accommodations for all timed quizzes.

Canvas Assignments

Accessibility considerations & guidance

DSC has created a web page with information and resources.

DCS's Online Teaching Resources for Instructors

DTEI has created a cheat sheet to help guide faculty towards with teaching remotely accessibly.

DTEI's Teach Accessibility Cheat Sheet →