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Note: Examity cannot be used for Respondus exams.

  • No cost to students or faculty
  • Two levels of live proctoring available in a limited capacity (350 exam participations per day)
    • Level 2 - Live proctoring at beginning of exam to confirm test taker identity and testing environment
      then video review by analyst after exam has completed
    • Level 3 - Live proctoring for the entire exam.
  • Both options are subject to scheduling and availability

Remote Assessment Considerations

Information from the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning around remote assessment pedagogy, tools, and techniques

Getting Started with Examity

Please refer to the following guides for adding Examity to your course and setting up your exam:

START HERE - Adding Examity Link to your Canvas Course Space

Examity Instructor Guide

Please Note: After you have synced your exam with Examity, and are configuring the exam settings within Examity, make sure to set it to "Active" to make it available for students can schedule. If it is left "Inactive" they will not be able to see it.

Things to consider when setting up an Examity exam

  • Ensure students have selected the appropriate TIME ZONE.
  • Ensure students have selected the appropriate time of day for scheduling- AM or PM.
  • Ensure students run their computer requirements check at least twice (once before testing).
  • Ensure students use Examity's student support functions, and encourage faculty to direct students to use this.

Help & Support for Examity

Examity Faculty Support
For the best support possible, please contact Examity directly. OIT and the EEE Team do not have the same access as Examity support, and are unable to answer most queries directly.

Jayme Silverman, Examity Support for UCI


Examity Best Practices

Examity Faculty FAQ

Examity Detailed Guide

Examity Privacy & Security