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Send email to my class

  • For Spring and Summer: Use EEE Legacy Class Mail Lists to send emails to your classes
  • For Fall classes: Use EEE+ ClassMail to send emails to your classes
  • Use WebRoster to find email addresses for individual students

Communicate with students within Canvas

  • Use Canvas Announcements to post announcements within your Canvas course space
  • Use Canvas Inbox to send a note to students within Canvas (students can opt-out of receiving these via email)

Learn more about the differences between EEE+ Class Mail lists and Canvas Conversations/Inbox/Announcements

About the EEE+ Class Mail lists

The EEE+ Class Mail lists enable instructors to quickly send emails and attachments to a memorable email address for a class.

All students in the class will receive a copy of emails sent this way; there is no opt-out mechanism.

Emails sent to a class mail list are archived for a period of one year; this archive is available to all instructors and enrolled students in that class.

About the Canvas communication features

Messages sent through Canvas are delivered in up to three ways:

  • Directly within the Canvas interface
  • Via a text message (if students opt-in)
  • Via email

Note that students can opt-out of receiving emails outside of the system; this is the primary difference between Canvas and the EEE+ Class Mail lists.

Messages sent through Canvas are available only to students enrolled at the time the message was sent; there is no archive of messages.

Use online discussion forums

Chat in real-time

  • Use Canvas Chat for real-time chat rooms for your students
  • Use Zoom for video conversations


EEE+ ClassMail

Fall 2020: Send emails to your classes


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