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Things to Know for the Start of the Academic Year

Five Tips for a Smooth Start

  1. Review the Lessons Learned in Spring Quarter 2020 and the other resources available on this site.
  2. Encourage your students to spend time reviewing the Learn Anywhere website, which contains a wealth of resources to help them prepare for and be successful in remote learning environments.
  3. Make a communication plan for how you and your students will handle technical issues, especially for live class meetings. It should include how you will contact students if you encounter issues and what they should do if they have a problem.
  4. Build flexibility into your course to account for potential disruptions that could impact you and your students (e.g., illness, family responsibilities, wildfires, election related interruptions, etc.). Simple steps like recording live meetings and dropping the lowest assignment/test grade can reduce the need for individual accommodations while preserving the academic integrity of the course.
  5. Create opportunities early in the course for students to engage with you and with each other. This does not have to be a purely social exercise. Activities that foster curiosity, inquiry, and collaboration around course topics can improve learning and help develop a sustainable community.

Access to Classrooms for Remote Courses

General assignment classrooms (GACs) are available to instructors and instructional teams for the purpose of preparing and delivering remote courses. If this is something you are interested in, please first review the Use of Teaching Space Plans for important guidance on accessing campus facilities.

When you are ready to reserve a room, please work with your Schedule of Classes Coordinator to submit the request to the Registrar. All GACs have a similar level of technology, including a webcam, document camera, and PC with Zoom and Yuja installed. For more information on available classroom technologies, please visit the OIT Classroom Technologies website.