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Waitlisted Students

Note: Waitlists for Fall 2020 are available until 5pm on Friday, October 16.

Adding waitlisted students to my Canvas course space

‘Additional Students’ are able to interact with the course (e.g., view announcements and submit to assignments) similar to those students who are officially enrolled in the course. One great use case for adding Additional Students is to provide access to students who are on your course’s wait list.

Here’s how to add Additional Students:

  1. Go to the ‘My Canvas course spaces’ page on EEE+ GrandCentral for that specific term: https://grandcentral.eee.uci.edu/spaces
  2. Locate the course space in question and click on the ‘Manage course space’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘Students’ tab.
  4. Click ‘Additional Students’.
  5. Click ‘Add additional students’
  6. Add the students via their UCInetID.

Adding waitlisted students to my ClassMail List

By default, only enrolled students will receive ClassMail and be able to view the archive.

Here's how to add waitlisted students and others to your ClassMail list:

  1. Login to https://classmail.eee.uci.edu/
  2. Click the three-dot icon under “Actions” in the row that corresponds to the correct course’s mailing list
  3. Click “Manage Mail List"
  4. Click “Add additional member”
  5. Enter a name and email address
  6. Click Add

Removing waitlisted students after the add/drop deadline

For Fall 2020, the waitlists will be cleared by the University Registrar at 5pm on October 16th. You will then need to remove any students added to Canvas and your ClassMail lists.

To do this, follow the instructions above to add, but instead choose the relevant remove option.

Recommended Syllabus Content

Review and use sample syllabus content covering several use cases.