Minimum Tools to Teach Remotely

Minimum Tools to Teach Remotely

When considering your plans for delivering your course remotely, there are many options and you should tailor them to your particular course needs. Perhaps the best resource at this time is your colleagues who have already been using a range of technologies.

To start, the minimal tools required to teach remotely are Canvas, Zoom and Yuja.

CANVAS core elements

  • Create and find your Canvas course space
  • Upload your files
    • These could be readings, study guides, lecture slides, or essay prompts — anything you’d normally hand out in class.
  • Create assignments to be turned in through Canvas
    • Give the assignment a name, a description in the big text box, a Points value, and a due date way down at the bottom.
    • Make the assignment type Online so students can submit to Canvas
    • (Optional) If for any reason you don't want students to be able to submit through Canvas - for example, if it's a participation score, or something that was turned in outside Canvas and you just need a gradebook column, set the assignment type to No Submission
  • Create discussion boards
    • Used for student/student and student/instructor interactions 
    • Can be graded or for participation
  • Create quizzes
    • Multiple possible question types are available. Keep in mind that question types like multiple choice, true/false, multiple select, and fill-in-the-blanks will grade automatically but short essay responses will not.
    • The quiz's point total is derived from the total of the points assigned to each question on the quiz

YUJA core elements

  • Create videos to be watched at anytime

ZOOM core elements

  • Create real-time interactions
    • Integrated into Canvas: quick start guide
    • Good for real-time interactions with students: especially Office Hours
    • Sessions can be recorded for later viewing: critical for students that had technical or time zone issues during live sessions
    • Recorded videos can be integrated into Canvas