Using Canvas

Using Canvas

Instructors & TAs: Need help with Canvas?

24/7 Canvas support is available to instructors and TAs. All Canvas-related questions should be directed to:

  • (855) 213-7130 - Canvas Support Hotline
  • Live text chat

» Yuja support:
» Zoom support:

Create a Canvas course space

Log in to GrandCentral, click on My Course Spaces at the top, then press the Create Course Space button. Help for creating a Canvas course space →

It can take an hour to process course space creations; do this ASAP so it will be ready when you need it.

Then, access your course spaces through EEE+ GrandCentral, where you can also set your TA permissions.

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Via Email

EEE Class Mail Lists to send email to your entire class

Use <coursecode>-<quarter> (Example:

WebRoster to find email addresses for individual students

Within Canvas

Canvas Announcements to post announcements within your Canvas course space

Canvas Inbox to send a note to students within Canvas (students can opt-out of receiving these via email)

Online discussion forums

Canvas Discussions for asynchronous, threaded discussions

Learn about Discussions within Canvas Groups for larger classes

Real-time Chat

Canvas Chat for real-time chat rooms for your students

Zoom for video conversations

Provide Syllabus & Course Content

Upload your syllabus

Syllabus feature to post or upload your syllabus

Distribute course files

Canvas Files to upload & share PowerPoint presentations, and any other course materials

Share course files

Canvas Pages to share content not in files. This is similar to the retired EEE EasyWebsite tool.


Collect Student Work & Conduct Online Quizzes & Exams

Collect student work

Canvas Assignments to collect work via direct entry, uploaded files, or Google Docs.

Academic integrity: Canvas is integrated with

Information on accommodations (such as additional time)

Assess student learning

Canvas Quizzes to conduct quizzes and exams

Information on accommodations using Moderate Quizzes (extra time, additional attempts)

Canvas Analytics to review course activity and grade statistics

Facilitate group activities

Canvas Groups and Canvas Collaborations for facilitating group work

Use Remote Exam Monitoring

Create your exams in Canvas

In order to deliver exams or quizzes online, you will need to recreate them using the Canvas Quiz tool. For more information on creating your first Quiz, please start with the following guide.

Learn more about Respondus

UCI has enabled campus-wide remote exam monitoring using Respondus Monitor + LockDown, integrated with UCI Canvas.. Learn more about the remote exam monitoring services integrated with UCI Canvas →

Distribute Grades & Submit Final Grades

Submit Final Grades to Registrar

If your assignment grades are in Canvas: Press the "Transfer to WebGrades" button to start the process

If your assignment grades aren't yet in Canvas: Upload your grades into Canvas first

Get help submitting final grades to the Registrar

Grading in Canvas

SpeedGrader to grade most assignments

Manually enter grades for assignments not using SpeedGrader, or to change assignment grades

Grading Quizzes

For exams that use the Canvas Quiz tool, Canvas will automatically grade multiple-choice questions. If your exam also contains text-response questions where students write in an answer, you'll need to grade those questions in SpeedGrader.

Remotely Lecture: Zoom & Yuja

Record & share lectures

YuJa to record and share lectures or upload existing lectures; this tool is integrated with UCI Canvas

School of Medicine faculty →

» Yuja support is available via

Stream your lectures

Zoom, integrated in Canvas, to stream your lectures from anywhere

Learn about using Zoom for remote lecturing

Teaching a large class? DTEI has provided tips for facilitating large classes via Zoom

Learn more about facilitating Zoom lectures from Merage School's Teaching Virtually

IMPORTANT: Information about Zoom Bombing and how to secure your lecture

» Zoom support is available via

Instructors & TAs: Need help with Canvas?
24/7 Canvas support is now available to instructors and TAs. All Canvas-related questions should be directed to:

» (855)213-7130 | | Live Text Chat

» Yuja support:
» Zoom support:

Students & Staff
Continue to contact for Canvas support.