The iMedEd Technology Innovation Program is a new initiative started at the UC Irvine School of Medicine as a partnership between the Division of Educational Technology and the Health and Science Enrichment Programs. The goal of this program is to inspire high school students to explore the intersection of technology and healthcare through hands-on experience participating in the Med iBookJam and mentorship from medical students and faculty. Further, students who complete this program will see their work published in the Apple iBooks Store.

Med iBookJam

The Med iBookJam is a competition where teams of gifted high school students, medical students and School of Medicine faculty come together to create multi-touch iBooks related to healthcare. The event will focus on the production of the iBooks using Apple’s iBooks Author tool. Teams will use a standardized template with the intention of publishing the content to the Apple iBooks Store and be featured in a UC Irvine School of Medicine collection. iBooks will be reviewed by a panel of judges for editorial review to assess aspects including organization, style, grammar and effectiveness of multimedia elements. Prizes will be awarded to the iBooks based on various criteria, including Best Interactivity.


High school students: High schools students play a major role in creating an interactive iBook by authoring and producing multimedia elements such as videos, image galleries and pop-up diagrams. The high school students will meet on a regular basis with their teams to review the progress of the iBook.

Medical students will assist faculty in content development and iBooks production. They will also help to manage and mentor the high school students.

Faculty will provide direction, content expertise, mentorship and review of the final product for accuracy and validity.

How are teams determined?

Medical students and faculty will be recruited prior to the event. Once a confirmation of faculty participants has been achieved, high school students will be polled on their interest in working on proposed faculty projects. The high school students will need to go through a competitive application process. Teams will be comprised so that at least one faculty member is assigned to at least one medical student and one high school student.

Meeting times

The high school student is not required to attend classes for this program on a daily basis. Students will be given an orientation prior to the start of the competition. After the orientation, students will meet at a mutually accepted time with faculty and medical students twice a week during the competition period (September 15th to September 28th). After the competition date, the students will keep in contact and meet with the faculty until the iBook is published. Realizing that the students attend school, the meeting will be set up in the late afternoon (after 3 pm).

There will be a two-week competition period during which the team work very closely on their iBooks. Most of the team meetings will be after 3 pm. There will be a Kick-off with a workshop prior to the competition so faculty mentors and high-school students can meet and receive iBooks Author training.

Additional workshops on creating multimedia elements, e.g., using the studio to make a podcast will be conducted.


Orientation workshop: Week of September 8th. The exact date to be determined. The orientation will be scheduled after 3 pm.

Med iBookJam competition: September 15-28, 2015

Additional workshops during the month of October 2015

Final edits/publish iBooks by October 30, 2015

Tuition: $1,790 (A discount of $75 applies if the payment is paid by August 3rd).

Application: To apply for the program, please click here.