Hyytiälä, Finland

The boreal forest near Hyytiälä, Finland

A new article was just published by the group, with lead-author Mike Lawler and collaborators at the University of Helsinki,  in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.  The article explores the sources that influence the growth of newly formed atmospheric particles over the remote boreal forest. Measurements of nanoparticle composition made in Hyytiälä, Finland during the 2014 Biogenic Aerosols—Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) campaign show evidence that organic and sulfur-containing compounds derived from marine processes may contribute to the growth of particles to a similar degree as oxidized products of terpenoid compounds emitted from trees.

For details, see (the link brings you to a free copy of the paper): Lawler, M. J., Rissanen, M. P., Ehn, M., Mauldin, R. L., III, Sarnela, N., Sipilä, M., & Smith, J. N. (2018). Evidence for diverse biogeochemical drivers of boreal forest new particle formation. Geophysical Research Letters, 45, 2038–2046.