UAV Forge is a multidisciplinary engineering senior design project with a focus on designing, building and programming unmanned aerial vehicles in order to complete the flight missions under a time limit, with our primary focus this year being attending and competing in the AUVSI SUAS 2020 Competition. Through research and hands-on experience, students are able to work towards creating an autonomous aircraft. This project, UAV Forge, aims to allow students to gain technical skills and learn more about the engineering process. Through inspiring innovation and teamwork between the different students in MAE, EECS, CPE, CSE and CS majors, students are able to come out of the project with a broader knowledge of the different engineering fields.

The project had historically been a research project at UCI, and has grown more popular over the years. Only recently has the project grown to encompass the competition aspect. UAV Forge aims to participate in a competition known as SUAS by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). Our primary objective is to determine the most optimal UAV design in order to fulfill the competition requirements and aim for the top.

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