Welcome to the UC Irvine Costume Design Program Site!

This site is the central location for the graduate MFA UCI Costume Design program.  It replaces the former hard copy Costume Guidebook, and contains program information that transcends the classroom.   Students, faculty and staff can access this site for information.

Costume Welcome Soiree

Costume Welcome Soiree

What did Vera just say to Don?

Erik knows how to dress a hamburger

How to Find Information

There is a static page for each Topic containing general information on that topic and links to documents or media.  Each Topic includes additional individual pages, indented under the Topic Title on the right sidebar.

To access an entire category, click on the Topic Title tab at the top of the site or in the right sidebar. OR you may access specific information anytime by clicking directly on the individual page title in the right sidebar.

Life After UCI

We strive to teach professional practice to smooth students’ transitions into the real world.  However, every institution develops its own process for efficiency within certain parameters.  If the UCI process is similar to professional practice  (for instance the Costume Bible) the discussion and directions will refer to both.

If the UCI process is specific or requires another discussion, the page title will contain the indicator “UCI.”  (for example UCI Fitting Process.)


This site is a public page, however- I have turned off all the search engine links.  A viewer has to use the exact URL to find the page, and chances of that are small.  Be aware, though, there is no such thing as true online privacy.

This site is not password- protected currently, as we may want undergrad assistants or others to view this information easily and quickly while you are working on shows.  After a bit of a trial run we can password protect specific pages.   Please let me know so I can inform everyone before locking a page.


If you have questions, please contact Holly Poe Durbin, Head of the Costume Design Program : hdurbin@uci.edu


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