Conference Staff

Be a part of UCIMUN's 28th Annual High School Conference!

UCIMUN holds a high school conference every year for students all over Southern California for two days of debate and discussion. This conference is entirely run by UCI students, and is held right at our student center!

This year, UCIMUN's High School Conference will be held on April 25-26, 2020. We work hard throughout the year to ensure the conference is a successand we would love to have you as part of our team thorughout!

What does a Member of the Conference Staff Do?

Members of Conference Staff here at UCIMUN are divided into two groups: Assistant Directors (ADs) and our Administrative Team. We welcome students of any major and year, and no experience is necessary to join; all we ask is that you have a passion for international affairs and the United Nations, and are willing to work hard to make UCIMUN the best it can be!

Our Assistant Directors are the backbone of our program and are vital to the continued success of UCIMUN. ADs work alongside our Directors in developing and refining topics, and on the day of the conference will chair alongside their Director(s), helping to take notes, score speeches, and moderate debate. ADs will be expected to attend meetings during the winter quarter to learn about UCIMUN procedure and will be writing an Update Paper to their Director's Topic Synopsis, which will be posted on the UCIMUN website for delegates to use for their research.

Being an Assistant Director is a very rewarding experience, as not only will you learn more about key international issues as they are discussed in the United Nations itself, but also you have the opportunity to interact with other passionate delegates and members of the Conference Staff. The skills you develop in research, leadership and public speaking here at UCIMUN will help you out for the rest of you personal and academic life at UCI and beyond.

Our Administrative Team is integral in ensuring that the conference runs smoothly. Responsible for the organizational aspect of our conference, the Administrative Team works behind the scenes during the conference and assists with troubleshooting, providing supplies to committees, printing committee awards and aiding the chairs whenever necessary.

The administrative team is perfect for those who are interested in helping out UCIMUN but cannot fully invest the time into becoming an AD, or those who are simply curious about Model UN and want to see how it is run.

Interested in becoming part of our conference staff? Fill out an application in our "Applications" tab!