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Join MUN at UCI as we explore varying practical and theoretical perspectives of international affairs. We hope to educate and inform you all with regards to the current state of international affairs and diplomatic relations at home and abroad.

What is InquIR?

InquIR is an International Relations-themed series of podcasts focusing on current events happening on the global level. Utilizing the major fields of IR theory, we hope to expand everyone's understanding of how different  perspectives approach these same topics—looking beyond, but certainly not ignoring, the United Nations and their involvement as well. These podcasts will be released weekly at 7:00PM, beginning on Friday, April 10, 2020.

We hope to bring various guest speakers from UCI to showcase their expertise and thoughts on each topic, and we encourage viewers to comment on the videos and contribute to discussion!

Videos will be released onto this website as they air, and check out their dedicated website here where you can ask questions and comments as well. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (@MUNatUCI) to get the latest developments!