Introducing your UCIMUN 2020 Secretariat!


Hana Schlosser

Hana Schlosser is excited to serve as one of two Secretaries-General for the 28th annual UCIMUN Conference! This is her fourth year on the UCIMUN conference staff. She has previously served as an Assistant Director, Director, and Director-General as part of UCIMUN's conference staff and has won several awards as part of UCIMUN's travel team, competing in various locations such as Washington, D.C. and Seattle. She is eager to see the preparation that the delegates put into their research and speeches for the day of conference.

Angie Lo

Angie Lo has been involved in MUN since freshman year of high school, where she began as a member of her school’s MUN club. A Southern California native, she has previously participated in many local conferences—including UCIMUN as a delegate. She served as Secretary-General of her high school MUN club in her senior year and helped oversee the training of new members on procedure and position paper writing. She has previously been an Assistant Director, a Director, and Under-Secretary-General of Mains, and is looking forward to overseeing a great conference as Secretary-General.

Under-Secretary-General of Main Committees

Kyle Petersen

Kyle Petersen has been involved in Model UN for 7 years now after finding his passion in the program at the beginning of high school.  He has been to local conferences in Orange County, around California, and has even traveled to compete internationally in locations such as Montreal and Rome.  He has previously been involved with UCIMUN both as a delegate on the travel team and as a member of staff during previous UCIMUN annual conferences.  Kyle is excited to be on the team again this year to carry on the tradition and host another annual UCIMUN conference this spring!

Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Agencies

Ashima Seth

Ashima Seth is delighted to be serving as the Under-Secretary-General for Specials during this year's conference. She has been an active member of MUN since her freshman year of high school, and has attended multiple national and international conferences in countries such as Singapore, Germany and Nepal. She has also worked as part of the UCIMUN conference staff in the capacity of a Crisis Staff member and Committee Director. She is eagerly anticipating seeing well-researched delegates engaging in effective debate and collaboration, and coming up with efficient solutions during the conference.