Introducing your UCIMUN 2019 Secretariat!



Hansal Dalal

Hansal Dalal is a third year Biological Sciences major. This is his third year with UCIMUN after four years of Model United Nations (MUN) in high school. MUN has taken Hansal to places such as New York where he spoke at the General Assembly hall of the UN Building. He is currently planning on pursuing a career in medicine.  

Daniel Gilchrist

Daniel Gilchrist is enthusiastic to join UCIMUN for his fourth year with the program and sixth with MUN in general. He has chaired committees, ran crises, been Under-Secretary-General, and is now looking forward to putting on UCIMUN’s 27th annual conference with our most talented staff yet.  As a delegate,  he joined UCIMUN on trips to Seattle, New York, and Washington, D.C. A fourth year Molecular Biology major/ Statistics minor, Daniel is planning for graduate school in epidemiology and taking what he has learned in MUN with him to practical applications.


Hana Schlosser

Hana Schlosser is excited to serve as Director-General for the 27th annual UCIMUN Conference! This is her third year as part of both the UCIMUN conference staff and travel team. She is eagerly awaits seeing the preparation that the delegates put into their research and speeches for the day of conference.

Under-Secretary-General of Main Committees

Angie Lo

Angie has been involved in MUN since freshman year of high school, where she began as a member of her school’s MUN club. A Southern California native, she has previously participated in many local conferences—including UCIMUN as a delegate. She served as Secretary General of her high school MUN club in her senior year and helped oversee the training of new members on procedure and position paper writing. As USG of Main Committees, she is happy to aid Directors and Assistant Directors in demonstrating the ins and outs of MUN procedure and discussion.

Under-Secretary-General of Specialized Agencies

Kimo Gandall

Kimo Gandall is a third year political science major, as well as an accomplished Parliamentarian. This conference will mark his seventh year with MUN, and tenth conference as a chair. Kimo currently both competes in and organizes for the UCIMUN Travel Team, actively training novice delegates for regional and international conferences.

Under-Secretary-General of Crisis Simulation

Krystian Ibanez

Krystian Ibanez is a fourth year Biological Science major with a dual minor in International Studies and Medical Humanities. He has been involved in MUN for the past six years. He was Director of United Nations Industrial Development Organization, USG of Specialized Agencies, and has been USG of Crisis Simulation for two years running. He has been the Travel Team Coordinator for the past three years and will be continuing his involvement with UCIMUN next year.