Program Activities

Program Timeline

Students will arrive in Irvine on Friday, June 22, and will be picked up by Summer Session.  There will be an orientation on Sunday, June 23 providing students with essential campus information.  An activity schedule will be given during the orientation.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule will start roughly at 9:00 – 10:00 AM and end at 5:00 – 6:00 PM, depending on the schedule requirements set out by your faculty adviser.  You will be given a lunch break of one hour for each working day. Your schedule will be unique and different each day, where you may need to participate in a multitude of activities such as workshops, seminars, tours, and/or conferences. You will be expected to work on your research project with other graduate students under the management of your faculty adviser. However, you will have the chance to engage in social activities with other students, faculty, and administration throughout the program.

You will be given time to explore UC Irvine, on campus and off campus. The weekends will give you the opportunity to explore Southern California.

Program Components

This program will equip you with an array of social and academic experiences that will help you develop technical knowledge and skills to further magnify your program experience. You will be given the chance to participate in the following:

Workshops UC Irvine faculty will host various workshops tailored towards helping students search for future careers, apply to graduate schools, and improve presentation and writing skills.

Mentoring Students will be able to meet with their faculty advisers to discuss their growth in the program. Students will receive guidance from graduate students and faculty geared towards improving their communication skills and providing input towards their academic endeavors, such as graduate school and career opportunities. Students will be able to discuss their program experience via meeting with program directors.

Tours Campus and research facility tours will be provided to students.

Research Projects Students will be fully engaged in their assigned research projects and the respective research facilities, under the supervision of faculty and graduate student mentors. Each student will be assigned responsibilities and research positions so that they may obtain firsthand experience of their research.

Social Activities Various social activities will be arranged by the School of Engineering and by Summer Session.  You will have the chance to experience and explore world famous theme parks (Disneyland, Universal Studio, etc.), American style BBQ, beautiful Southern California Beaches, etc.