2018 Message from Chancellor Gillman

Welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year at the University of California, Irvine. I speak for all of us on the faculty and staff when I say how pleased I am that you and your student are members of the Anteater family. Admission to UC Irvine is highly sought after, and being a member of our student body is testament to your student’s hard work and impressive achievements.

We had a record number (more than 116,000) student applications this year, the third most in the entire country, which means that the campus is even more selective at the freshman level. We continue to have one of the highest graduation rates of any public research university in the country. U.S. News ranked us the number 9 public research university in the country, and the New York Times ranked us number 1 in the nation for upward mobility in our student body.

We pick the best students so that we can do the serious and important work that brings us together: to provide them with an education that is worthy of their talent and their promise, an immersive experience of inquiry, discovery, creative expression, and community engagement that enriches their minds and spirits, empowers them to achieve at the highest level of their potential, and allows them to have the most meaningful and rich life possible, so that they can be knowledgeable, thoughtful and discerning citizens and contributors to their communities, so that they can be a force for good in the world.

As a public research university, part of the finest public university system in the entire world, we have a mission of tremendous scope – to educate the brightest young people, to create the next generation of researchers, scholars, and professionals, to explore the frontiers of knowledge, to be an engine of innovation, to fight disease and improve human health, to understand and resolve the most serious challenges facing our community and our world – but our students are at the very heart of what we do. When our fellow citizens invest in us they are expressing their faith in the future, and so they have a right to see that this faith is rewarded.

UC Irvine’s outstanding faculty, innovative programs, and great students are combining to provide an exceptional educational experience that produces the leaders of tomorrow. I hope you will return to campus often to visit your student and participate in the life of the university. Thank you for your continued support.


Chancellor Howard Gillman