Archives for October 2015

Raider’s Chassis is Coming Along Nicely

After seeing our last year’s car in competition last year, the SAE Baja team is designing Raider (our 2016 car) to be significantly different from its predecessor. The vehicle will be shorter by almost 20 inches and considerably lighter in an effort to achieve the agility that the competition series calls for. We’ve made good […]

It’s Alive!

After some late nights, we finally got Savage up and running again just in time for a day of testing at the track. Last weekend, Anteater Racing went out to a school parking lot where we set up a skid pad and an acceleration strip to run some last-minute tests before taking Savage back to the […]

UCI’s Baja SAE 2016 Vehicle Design is Well Under Way

The 2016 Baja SAE competition may be eight months away, but this year’s team is already hard at work designing Raider, their 2016 vehicle. After participating in the 2015 competition last year with XV, UCI’s first Baja car in ten years, the team has gotten invaluable feedback that is being utilized to drastically improve the design of this year’s […]

The 2016 Season Has Begun!

Earlier this week, Anteater Racing’s intents for the 2016 season became official when they signed three cars up for participation in the 2016 SAE Collegiate Design series. The Baja team will be competing in May in Gorman, CA with the all-new Raider, and both the FSAE Internal Combustion (IC) and FSAE Electric teams will be returning to […]