It’s Alive!

2015 Oct. 10 Savage wheel off ground 3 (1)

After some late nights, we finally got Savage up and running again just in time for a day of testing at the track. Last weekend, Anteater Racing went out to a school parking lot where we set up a skid pad and an acceleration strip to run some last-minute tests before taking Savage back to the drawing board for some upgrades. All went until the first acceleration test, where we noticed that the rear rotor was jammed and started smoking. Despite a couple burns, we fixed the issue, got it up and running again, and achieved a skid pad time of 5.8 seconds. That’s not too bad considering that one wheels was in positive camber and another was lifting off the ground occasionally. We learned a lot – we determined what adjustments are needed for a 5.0-second skid pad time, and that toothpaste works wonders on burns. We’ll be bringing extra toothpaste next time, just in case.