Archives for April 2016

Delta is Back!

After two and a half quarters of steady progress with Delta, the team finally got her running again. The last several weeks have been spent repairing a few suspension components that were damaged in a crash last year. Although the team was shorthanded, they still pulled it together with plenty of time left for testing […]

Anteater Racing Unveiling

We unveiled this years four competition vehicle to families and friends. It was very nice to meet the many people who are supporting the excellent work of our young engineers. Thank you all.

Anteater Racing Unveiling Event

This Saturday, April 23, 2016, at 12:00 PM, Anteater Racing will be unveiling the 2016 SAE fleet including Raider, Savage, and Electra at 12:00 PM at parking lot 16H on the UC Irvine campus. The unveiling will be followed by a free lunch along with a meet and greet session with the engineering students who designed […]

Let the Countdown Begin!

Savage should be running by this weekend! As the days wind down and the dust settles on our determined Formula team, a race car is beginning to take shape. With the chassis completely finished, all of the team’s focus is being directed to getting the body, suspension, and powertrain completed to get the car ready […]

Electra is Coming Together

After several weeks of hard work getting the chassis fabricated, the Electra team has started cutting and shaping aluminum sheet metal for their car’s body. Each panel is being rolled on our English wheel and once all of the panels meet the team’s body design specifications, the panels will be riveted together. In the meantime, […]