March Status Update for Raider

February was a productive month for our Raider team; although we’re running a bit behind schedule, we’re shooting to have a steerable car on wheels by the Winter design review (Mar. 11) and a car ready for testing soon after that. Suspension components are the biggest holdup due to all of the machining involved; we’ve definitely […]

February Status Update for Raider

As we approach the midpoint of the winter quarter, it’s a perfect time to take a retrospective look at accomplishments made since our last public update. Chassis team lead Kurtis Wragg and team captain Danny Kim spearheaded the fabrication of our chassis at the end of fall quarter, and were successful in guiding the team towards delivery of […]

Check Out Our First Render of Raider!

Well, would you look at that! Raider is slowly but surely coming together. Most of the team has been swamped with hammering out their designs for the past few weeks and so it wasn’t until just today that we took a step back to see how things were coming together. While there’s obviously a lot that hasn’t […]

Raider’s Chassis is Coming Along Nicely

After seeing our last year’s car in competition last year, the SAE Baja team is designing Raider (our 2016 car) to be significantly different from its predecessor. The vehicle will be shorter by almost 20 inches and considerably lighter in an effort to achieve the agility that the competition series calls for. We’ve made good […]

UCI’s Baja SAE 2016 Vehicle Design is Well Under Way

The 2016 Baja SAE competition may be eight months away, but this year’s team is already hard at work designing Raider, their 2016 vehicle. After participating in the 2015 competition last year with XV, UCI’s first Baja car in ten years, the team has gotten invaluable feedback that is being utilized to drastically improve the design of this year’s […]