Meet Our Team!

Our 2020-2021 Lead Engineers & Management

Tristan Cortez, Chief Engineer

Joined: Fall 2016   Major: Mechanical Engineering

Likes about sub-team: "I like all the sub-teams as they are valuable to the whole vehicle's performance and reliability and need to all come together to produce a competitive package."

What AFR means to me: "AFR allows me to gain experience and the learn tough lessons that will prepare me to pursue a career in the motorsport industry."

Field he wants to work in: "Racecar engineering/motorsports."

Fun fact: "I'm a virtual eSports driver for Virtual Life Xperience Esports."

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John Ibrahim, Project Manager

Joined: Fall 2019   Major: Mechanical Engineering Minor: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Favorite sub-team: "I work the most with Human interface and I like it because it connects the whole car together. It is what give our car a character."

What AFR means to me: "AFR means a lot to me, it is defiantly the place I learn from the most and the place I feel I belong to. It is where I can be creative and be encouraged for it, and it is also the place where I can ask any technical question I want and get the support to help me find an answer."

Field he wants to work in: "Cars and sustainable transportation."

Fun fact: "I have two birthdays ... let me explain. I am originally from Egypt so it works a little bit differently over there. I was born on Oct. 25th, but my dad went to the office where he registers my name and birthday to get a birth certificate first week of November. When he went they told him "We already closed October files so we are just gonna put him as Nov. 1st". So even though I am born on Oct. 25th, all my official papers say Nov. 1st."

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Noah Stein, Assistant Project Manager, Public Relations

Joined: Fall '18 Major: Mech. Engineering & German Studies

What he likes about his job: "I like sharing our amazing work with our supporters and keeping everyone in the loop."

What AFR means to me: "I want to work in motorsport, and AFR is the closest an engineering student can get to it!"

Career Goal: "I want to work on racecars that will be competing in the 2025 Le Mans 24 Hours, F1 World Championship, or a similar international racing series."

Fun fact: "I am a Bus Operator & Operations Team Member at Anteater Express, UCI's shuttle service."

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2020-2021 Roster coming soon!

Our 2019-2020 Lead Engineers & Management

Matt McMurry

Matt McMurry, Chief Engineer, Driveline & Vehicle Dynamics Lead Engineer

Noah Stein

Noah Stein, Team Manager

Collin Cain

Collin Cain, Chassis, Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics Lead Engineer

Zade Ismael

Zade Ismael, Chassis & Suspension Lead Engineer

Alec Vartanians

Alec Vartanians, Human Interface Lead Engineer

Marjan Rad

Marjan Rad, Human Interface Lead Engineer

Ashley Gin

Ashley Gin, Brakes Lead Engineer

Tristan Cortez

Tristan Cortez, Engine Development Lead Engineer

Sonya Ni

Sonya Ni, Electronics Lead Engineer & Assistant Team Manager

Max Fields

Max Fields, Aerodynamics Lead Engineer