Anteater Racing Goes Virtual For This Year’s SAE CDS Competitions

In March, with 3 months to go before Formula SAE California and 1 month before Baja SAE Arizona, the organizers of the SAE Collegiate Design Series competitions called off the in-person “dynamic” events due to the dangers presented by COVID-19. However, the presentation-based “static” events are set to take place beginning this week via video […]

February Update from Anteater Formula Racing

Anteater Formula Racing’s engineers have been hard at work getting our car, Jinx, built and running. Halfway into UCI’s Winter Quarter, we have some awesome updates to share from four of our sub-teams: Aerodynamics: We’re manufacturing our airfoils for the front and rear wings. This involves cutting large foam molds via computer numerical control (CNC) which […]

Selecting a Final Drive Ratio for AFR’s Jinx (and Why It’s Critical to Get Right)

by Matt McMurry The Driveline Sub-system handles power delivery from the engine to the rear wheels and must design components that deliver power as quickly as possible. Acceleration performance is such a critical part of our competition that each decision can mean gaining or losing several places in the overall result. There are many factors […]

AER: Developing a Comfortable Driver Fit with an Ergonomics Jig

Written by: Anteater Electric Racing Media To produce results in the Formula SAE Competition, the ergonomics of the driver are just as important as the performance. Our 2020 FSAE Electric Racecar, named Ampeater, holds many components into a very small chassis, therefore making ergonomics critical to the operation of the vehicle. To resolve this problem, […]

Keeping it Cool: AFR’s Cooling System Upgrades for ’20

by Dillon Smith The Engine Development team at Anteater Formula Racing is hard at work on developing cooling upgrades for this year’s car. The Formula SAE competition demands the best from every system, but one of the biggest challenges is keeping the engine cool during the Endurance event. This year, Wraith suffered from a seized […]