Phantom 2018

Anteater Racing’s 2018 FSAE team with Phantom at Formula SAE Lincoln.

AR-13 Phantom:
Phantom was the internal combustion team’s 2018 car. The car was completely redesigned for this year and featured a plethora of improvements over Mantis, the most notable improvement being the addition of a high-downforce aerodynamics package, the first in the team’s history. The team finished 4th in Acceleration, 13th in Autocross, and 17th in Skidpad. The team finished 37th overall at FSAE Lincoln. Phantom also competed at the inaugural SoCal Shootout where it finished 1st overall.
Weight: 485 lbs
Engine: Naturally aspirated 2006 Yamaha R6S
Transmission: 6-speed manual sequential, Drexler LSD
Wheelbase: 1537 mm
Front/Rear Trackwidth: 1213/1193 mm
Tires: 18×7.5-10 Hoosier R25B
Aerodynamics: 3-element front wing, 3-element rear wing