Country: America’s Music

Early Influences and Instruments

Black and white image of a man playing a fiddle

The objectives of these fifth grade lessons are to visually recognize and describe instruments commonly associated with country music (namely the fiddle, guitar, and banjo), to recognize audio samples of music played be each instrument, and to describe from where each instrument originated.

In the first lesson, students are introduced to the names and sounds of a variety of instruments. The second lesson encourages groups to discuss a specific instrument in more detail. The class is then brought back together to share what they have learned.

Assessment: Students should be able to identify and describe three key instruments of significance to American country music: the fiddle, banjo, and guitar. Students should be able to discuss the origin of each instrument and timetable for introduction of that instrument into the US and Appalachia.

Downloadable Materials

Full Lesson Plan (pdf) includes:

  1. Lesson Plans
  2. On-line resources for use with this lesson
  3. Supporting Materials
  4. Classroom Handouts, Worksheets and Visuals

Supplemental Materials (pdf) include:

  1. Supporting materials
  2. Classroom Handouts, Worksheets and Visuals

Powerpoint on Country Music includes:

  1. Background information and images on the birthplace of country music, Appalachia.