Flutes, Natural Resources and Native American Cultures

On the Plains

Line drawing of a native american village scene

The objective of this 5th grade lesson is to explore the concepts of natural resources and trade via a study of Great Plains tribes and Native American music. Ideally a specialist in Native American music performance would visit the classroom in conjunction with this lesson.

In the beginning of this lesson students compare maps of the Great Plains and are introduced to the tribes that historically inhabited this area. They listen to and discuss samples of Native American music and instruments. Natural resources are discussed both as they relate Native American music as well as to the students’ own lives. Students are then asked to invent their own musical instrument based on the natural resources in their own neighborhoods.

Assessment: Check instrument inventions and written explanation for understanding of natural resources. Check trade map worksheet for accurate map reading skills.

Downloadable Materials

Full Lesson Plan (pdf) includes:

  1. Lesson Plans
  2. On-line resources for use with this lesson
  3. Supporting Materials
  4. Classroom Handouts, Worksheets and Visuals

Supplemental Materials (pdf) include:

  1. Supporting materials
  2. Classroom Handouts, Worksheets and Visuals