About UTeach

UTeach is a program that enables upper-division UCI undergraduates to design, develop and deliver their own lower-division seminar classes. Under the Department of Undergraduate Education, this program  provides a unique opportunity to integrate research, teaching, and learning, as contemplated by the UC’s mission.

Candidate student-instructors (prospective “UTeachers”) apply for the program in the Spring Quarter, describing their proposed course and designating a faculty mentor to supervise their research and development.  Applications are reviewed at the end of the quarter by the UTeach Student-Faculty Advisory Board.  (For more information, see “How to Apply“.)

During the summer and fall, prospective UTeachers conduct research with their faculty mentor.  They enroll in an independent study course with their mentor in the fall, producing a draft syllabus and course plan. The Advisory Board reviews these documents at the end of Fall Quarter. UTeachers whose courses pass the review enroll in a pedagogy seminar in the Winter Quarter; this seminar focuses on presentation skills, classroom management, active learning, and discussion of each other’s teaching presentations. After final approval of the syllabus and course plan, UTeachers deliver their seminars in the Spring Quarter and attend a weekly seminar that addresses practical teaching issues that have come up in the UTeachers’ classes.

UTeach was started in 2007 by students working with the Division of Undergraduate Education and the Associated Students UCI. The UTeach program has been housed under the Division of Undergraduate Education since 2013.

Applications are now closed for the 2018-19 academic year.

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