For Faculty Mentors/Advisors

Q: How does the faculty mentor apply to UTeach?

A: The main application comes from the student proposing a UTeach seminar.  Once the faculty member agrees to serve as the student’s mentor, there is a separate form for the faculty member to indicate his or her willingness to serve.

Q: What is the role of the faculty mentor?

A: First and foremost, the faculty mentor is the UTeach instructor’s primary resource on his or her seminar topic and how to teach it.  The mentor’s responsibilities include: 

  • In Fall Quarter, advise the UTeacher on developing his or her seminar.  Assign the UTeacher a grade for this work via the mentor’s individual section of University Studies 197A, a two-unit graded independent study course.  Presumably, this will include having
  • Ensure that the student’s UTeach seminar is in compliance with Academic Senate policy and regulations and has a clear and fair policy for assigning P/NP grades.
  • In Spring Quarter, visit the UTeacher’s seminar at least once to provide continuing support and feedback.
  • Serve as the instructor of record for the student’s UTeach seminar in the spring and officially submit final grades for the seminar students at the end of Spring Quarter.

Q: Are there other commitments?

A: In Winter Quarter, we invite each faculty mentor to attend the 30-minute presentation his or her UTeacher will give during the US 197B seminar. At the end of Spring Quarter, we invite faculty mentors to our end-of-quarter celebration. Participation in both of these events is optional.