I love choir! I’ve spent a lot of other blog posts talking about VSA’s Culture Night preparation and now I can finally talk about the actual show! I can’t even begin to describe how fun this entire process has been. I made a lot of friendships and memories I don’t want to lose. I am going to miss meeting up for practices, going out to get fitted, picking up props, and most of all, excuses to hang out with VSA everyday. I spent all day Sunday at Barclay Theater doing dress rehearsals, and it was amazing to see all of our hard work come together. Cast, trance (traditional dance), Level 5 (modern dance), choir, shadow ninjas (fight scenes), props, and the backstage crew all did their part to make the show an amazing night!

And on the same night Mesa Court had its formal dance, Middle Earth held its own Moulin Rouge-themed formal! I didn’t have my camera with me, but I really wish I did. It was held at the University Club and it was beautiful. There was a chocolate fountain, a mountain of fruits and appetizers, and even rooms set aside for karaoke and poker. Best of all, there was dancing! It was really great to get on the dance floor with all my friends; it almost felt like prom!

This week has just been AMAZING. It feels as if school gets more exciting as the year comes to an end, and I hate it because I really don’t want it to!

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  • Cecilia M. Tran says:

    WHY YES, Mel, I do enjoy dancing! I think I’m going to be a part of VSA’s Trance (traditional dance) team to perform at V-Grad, and I might join Level 5 (modern dance) next year! Thank you for the suggestion! Do you like dancing?

  • Mel says:

    You like to dance too!? You should join a dance club.