As most already know, I’m going to be part of MEMO‘s mission team this year. This means that I’ll be in Vietnam for two weeks in September helping out with the medical and educational missions MEMO runs! I’ve been accepted as part of the team, but that doesn’t mean that my work is done until then!

For the past couple of weeks, MEMO’s been working hard to raise as much funds as possible in order to be well-equipped for the mission this September. One of the biggest events we have coming up is our Spring Banquet, the biggest fundraiser of the year. I’m stepping up my participation for this club and event by attending as a performer! Some of the other interns and I intend to play and sing a Vietnamese song. I’m nervous but excited!

Another way MEMO has been preparing for the mission trip is by doing soft-training at meetings. In Vietnam, there will be temporary clinics that do a basic check-up of patients by the doctors. The team itself will help do intake by getting a general idea of the medical history and ailments of the patients. At our last meeting, I learned how to intake a patient, check their heart rate, and use a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope to check blood pressure. MEMO members got to practice on the board members who assigned themselves new identities and mock ailments. I am far from going biomed, but I was able to diagnose (okay, I guess) my patient’s ailment correctly judging from the symptoms she told me she had! The picture above is proof of my excellent diagnosing (*ahem, guessing) skills.

I’m beyond excited for all the upcoming events MEMO has scheduled. Up next are more fundraisers, sponsorship runs, banquet, and finally, THE MISSION!

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