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The Strick Land of Ice Cream

So inviting~!

One thing I’ve noticed while here in Irvine is the fact that there just aren’t many ice cream parlors. I’ve seen a bunch of frozen yogurt places and, while froyo is delicious, sometimes I just want ice cream. Thankfully, there’s a lovely homemade ice cream parlor nearby over at Campus Plaza called Strickland’s Ice Cream! Even though it was pretty cold (and even raining the day I went,) there’s just something about ice cream that gives me the warm feeling of summer.

Strickland’s is a pretty small place. Unlike your traditional ice cream parlor where the different flavors are on display behind a glass case, Strickland’s lists the ice cream flavors and you just pick from there. The interesting thing though is that their flavors change from day to day. While it seems they have the standard fare of vanilla and chocolate, there are various flavors of the day such as lemon, green tea, and chocolate oreo.

Can you say "yum"?!?

I got myself a banana split, which includes two “dips” (instead of scoops?) of vanilla and one “dip” of chocolate, drenched in chocolate syrup, strawberries, and pineapples, and topped with whipped cream, peanuts, and cherries! It was a delicious snack though I can’t say that their ice cream was anything to write home about compared to the ice cream parlors I know back in Los Angeles. Maybe it was because I’ve got all these toppings distracting me from the actual taste of ice cream? I don’t know, but I’d definitely love to go back and try a “dip” by itself.

All in all, if you’re craving ice cream and are tired of the ones served in the commons, head down to Strickland’s. It’s the closest place to campus (just a few blocks away from Middle Earth at least) and if their flavor of the day doesn’t suit your fancy, you can always settle for traditional vanilla or chocolate!

Tell me what the flavor of the day is when you visit? (:

~ Charmaine ^^

Stress, Stress, Go Away!

Stress Relief

Hello everyone!

I know it’s almost time for finals here at UCI (2 more weeks! :o) so I decided to share a couple of good tips and pointers on how to control and even prevent some stress. If you aren’t an Anteater here at UCI, yet, you may still benefit from these tips, as well, as I am sure they will work on any type of stress you may have.

First of all, let me give credit where credit is due. These tips aren’t really directly from me. I made the good decision this past week to go to a stress relief workshop provided by the Health Education Center on campus and iMed, the health and medicine-related club on campus that I talked about a couple of weeks ago. This proved to be quite helpful to me, so hopefully it will be to you guys, too. 😀

So, here we go!

1.      Sleep

Sleep is very important because it is the time our bodies take to recharge from the challenges we encounter every day. We all make our mistakes and skip on some hours of sleep, often times too often. This can affect our performance during the coming days, including our concentration, tiredness, and memory. I sometimes end up sleeping only four or five hours, and the next day, apart from not wanting to wake up at all, it is difficult for me to concentrate on what I am doing, and I feel the terrible urge throughout the day to fall asleep and not do any work. There is a cure for late nights, though, and that is taking naps. Naps have been proven to increase short-term memory, creativity, and concentration. It is usually best to take naps before those late nights, though, because they will help more than trying to make them up later on. Another great tip is to do exercise. This helps release the stress and lets our minds wander away from the worries, even if for a while, and possibly have a better rest at night.

2.      Time Management

Another great key to preventing and minimizing stress is managing our time wisely. Procrastination seems to be one of the greatest reasons to our stress. A good way to start getting on the right track is to make an effective plan about how to manage our time. What I do, especially now that it seems that I have so much time free because I am in class only a couple of hours per day, is I keep a time log to keep track of my time and how I use it. I try my best to decide between the things that I need to do ASAP from the things that can wait, and the ones that I do not need to do, but I also make sure to include a couple of things that I just plain want to do, to keep things balanced.

 3.      Nutrition

Lastly, but just as important, nutrition is another thing to keep in mind in stressful situations. Not just eating, but also eating the right things, keeps us energized and helps us cope with daily challenges and stressors. It is important to eat all kinds of foods and all colors, as well, as I’m sure you’ve all already heard. These types of foods are nuts, fruits, veggies, meat, fish, bread, etc … These are all great foods to eat in a combo and as snacks throughout the day. Another important thing to note is that energy drinks are not the best thing to drink to keep your body energized, although I know they are very popular, especially at finals times or the like.  It is best recommended to keep it natural and go for the tea or even moderate measures of coffee, instead. And, of course, water is always  a good choice for hydration, and it will also clean out your body and keep you that much more healthier and energized. relax

 Apart from these great tips that I shared with you, I also got a cool handheld massager from the stress relief workshop, which I am sure I will be using more and more as finals are approaching. So if you guys have one, too, look for it in that cluttered room of yours accumulted from weeks of procrastination, and put it to good use! 😀 If you guys want to know about stress relief in greater detail, the whole powerpoint was posted online at iMed’s website: 😀

‘Til next time!

Watch Out Big West! The Eater’s Are Here To Stay

Five Anteater seniors will be honored prior to Saturday's game.

It’s official. The UCI men’s basketball team qualified for the Big West tournament after a double overtime win over Pacific last night. The ‘Eaters were hot in the first half, leading Pacific 42-29. But they soon cooled of and let Pacific catch up. But, I have to say that that’s what brought the excitement at the Bren Events Center last night. Having a double-overtime the game before against UC Davis, the team must have been pretty tired. They did not show it on the court in the past couple of games though. This is the first time in UCI history that the Anteaters have played a pair of double-overtime games in the same season. With hustle plays from all the players, and with Eric Wise leading the way with 25 points and 12 rebounds, the Anteaters continued their winning streak on Saturday.

Head Coach Russell Turner emphasized how much they need to continue this streak: “We have shown resilience and toughness in winning two close games this week …we’ve got to make sure we capitalize on the momentum we created.”

It’s no question they will continue their level of intensity and focus. Personally, from a fan’s standpoint, I believe Coach Turner has drastically changed the face of this basketball program in a good way. A very good way. With the “Run and Gun” system intact and the team playing with a whole new mindset, our basketball program sure has a bright future ahead. Hopefully they make a splash in the NCAA Tournament before I graduate because I just can’t wait until that day comes.

What’s going on at UCI Today?

Hi guys! How are you today? Is today boring, did you go out, did you do homework, did you hear about anything cool that was happening today? How did you hear about that thing that was happening? You see, there are tons of ways to advertise different events for students, from the ever popular poster advertisement to the subtle use of word of mouth to get events publicized. However, each method has the flaw of not reaching their desired audience, or possibly not reaching an audience at all. I recently stumbled upon a website that alleviated this issue and and answered the ever-present question, “What’s going on today?” The site is called “UCI Today”, and the link is:

UCI Today logo

Image taken from

*Side note: Notice how simple the URL is? You can find basically any website for UCI by merely typing in Its pretty awesome

The great thing about UCI is that its a pretty large campus, meaning there are huge amounts of clubs and groups putting on events and performances every day. The flip side of this is that there are so many things going on, that unless you’re connected to the club in some way, you usually won’t hear about half the events around school. This is where “UCI Today” comes in handy. It provides a constantly updated stream of events, ranging from choir concerts to sports games to free seminars hosted by professors. These free seminars are also hard to hear about unless you’re in that professor’s class, so once again, the website comes in handy for that use. They even have news about the recent breakthroughs of UCI alums and professors. You can look forward as far as you want, and backward as well.

This resource is great because it provides a compact place to view the events of the day. There is no need to go from site to site, searching for when the basketball team’s game is, or what’s playing at the theater, its all there on one site. This is crucial for college students because, to be honest, we’re kind of lazy and we don’t like doing more work than we have to. So to have something that meshes all of the events for the day together with all the crucial information (such as if the event is free or not), is definitely helpful. Its almost like a checklist of the possibilities of that day. You can check what you’d like to go see and ignore whatever isn’t appealing, but without the site, you wouldn’t even have half the options. Overall, its a great site to have in your bookmarks just to check out every day,  because you never know if you’re about to miss out on a free screening of Tangled the movie(which is actually happening on Thursday!!), or the Men’s volleyball championship game. I hope this comes in handy! See you all next week.

Some weekends were just meant for solidarity

Okay, so here we are in week 8/9, and I and others have lived at the dorm for just about 20 weeks. That means we’ve had more than enough time to explore Irvine and get tired of it. Which, probably happened around the 15th week. Don’t get me wrong–there’s lots to do here, and it’s all really fun in it’s own aspect. But after having little to no access to a car, and small funds for going out, it gets hard to find stuff to do.

This is, at least, the position I found myself in this weekend. What was I going to do? I went to the Spectrum probably 8-15 times already, I’ve watched all the good movies to watch, I’ve gone to everything around Irvine (bowling, Disneyland, other shopping centers, Sky High, etc.). What else was there to do?

The Beach! Irvine is a simple 15 minute drive to Newport, provided you have a car or know a friend who has one.  So, despite the winderly blistery wind tearing up for the closest 100 acres or so, I traveled with a friend to Newport, not to swim (please. I’m not crazy), but rather, to sketch. Yes, draw. Granted, we were only there for 40ish minutes (the wind plus the cold plus the parking meter which we had few quarters for), but it was a nice relaxing 40 minutes where I was able to enjoy not only my favorite hobby, but also the BEAUTIFUL scenery. Okay, the area of Newport we were in may have been a little reminiscent of some areas in LA, but the sunset and clouds and waves and EVERYTHING (we could see to Long Beach CLEARLY. No haziness) really made me happy that we braved the cold and did something spontaneous for a change. It made me glad I was at a college so close to the beach and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH for those who don’t know), where I could just get in a car, and drive to any beach I wanted to.

This reminds me that UCI is close to (not exactly 15 minutes away, but less than 40 minutes away) Laguna Beach, where the annual Pageant of the Masters is held. I went to this show for the first time this past summer, and boy was it impressive. The event is basically an exhibit of different forms of art that have gained respect and recognition over the past year, and many people come to look at this art and enjoy the food and activities that this exhibit holds. However, the main event is the Pageant of the Masters event (yes, what the whole thing is named after), where annual volunteers don costumes and position themselves to reproduce art. Basically, real people recreate the scenes of famous pieces of art. SOUNDS dumb, but trust me, it’s actually really impressive to see in real life. Other art shows are held annually at Laguna Beach (it’s a very art-oriented city–most of the exhibits at Pageant of the Masters were provided by people who resided in Laguna Beach permanently), but I’ve never gone or experienced them.

Just another look at my art and communities of art around UCI!

PS, the sketch you see is what I did. I got lazy halfway with the buildings, so I kind of gave up, did some waves, and then a cloud. By then we had to go, but it was good practice so I was happy.


There’s a lot. I remember being bombarded by all of them the first few days. Some of them sound cool and neat, while others….well, not so much. So, this week, as a little guide, I’ll tell you about all of the “need-to-know” places, and they’re funky acronyms.

First off, the school map. Sadly, I couldn’t find a copy online (one where I could copy and paste) so here’s a nice little nifty link:

Anyhoo, as you can see, the center is a circle, just like everyone says, and all the schools (engineering, bio sci, social studies, mathematics, humanities, etc) are more or less in this circle. When you sign up for your classes, what’s printed out for you is your class, and what building and room number it is in….except that the buildings aren’t exactly put blatantly out there for you. You have to spend time finding them. Cause who wants to be the sad freshman who looks for his/her class first day? So what you do, is you go to you schedule, and see….oh let’s say “MSTB 1000”

“WHeRe Is THiS?!” you ask. So you go to this list: or to the 2nd page on that first link, (in real life, there’s a map in your dorm, or around campus, that combines the map that I showed earlier, and this list, but real life doesn’t work here. silly technology does), and find what you are looking for. “MSTB”. “That’s the Multipurpose Science and Technology Building!” You say. Now, look closely at this list again before you run out the door to find your class: see that number right by it? “415”. That’s your key to finding the building.

Go back to that first map, and find this building number. That’s where your building will be. So, let’s say you live in Mesa Court, which is in the upper left hand corner, and you see that building 415, aka MSTB, aka Multipurpose Science and Technology Building, is WAY out there, almost directly across campus. So, sighing at the walk, you get up out of your chair, and start the walk to find WHERE in that building your class is. Nifty tip: classrooms that end in 0’s, such as 1000, 1500, 2000, 1800, 100, etc, usually are on the OUTSIDE of the building, meaning you don’t have to enter the building at all to reach this classroom. These are usually lecture halls, which is why their entrances are located outside, and not inside. The other classrooms “124, 136, 258, etc” are INSIDE the building. Obvious fact: 100’s are first floor, 200’s are 2nd floor, 300’s 3rd, etc etc. Sadly, MSTB doesn’t actually have a “1000” room, so it would be a 124/143/2___, and you would have to wander the floor until you actually found it. No easy way around that. Well, the classrooms increase or decrease, depending on which direction you’re headed, so if you’re looking for 124, and you pass 122, but then find yourself at 130, you know something went wrong somewhere.

And that’s how you find your classes! SOUNDS hard, but it’s actually REALLY easy, just a slight hassle.

Now for some quick little handy acronyms you’ll hear around UCI

1) UCI. duh. University of California Irvine. If you don’t know what that is, why are you even AT this school?

2) UTC. University Town Center. Our little expanse away from school. 5 minute walk across the street, and you get In N Out, Taco Bell, Boba, and a bunch of other yummy stuff. People go there often late at night (12/1) when they’re up late studying or chilling and want some food. InNOut and Cha for tea stay open until 1, so you’ll always see some type of crowd at both.

3)VDC, VDCN, MC, ME, CV, AV, CDS. These are all housing complexes and the only real ones you’ll hear most often, though there are a couple more on campus. MC and ME are the most familiar, though most people just call them Mesa and Middle. Mesa Court and Middle Earth. The two freshman housing complexes, and where pretty much everyone goes their first years. CV and AV. Campus Village and Arroyo Vista. CV is 2nd year and beyond housing, though I know a 1st year there. It and AV (basically all the Sorority/Frat houses and then some) are still connected to the campus housing department, while these last 3 are not. VDC, VDCN, and CDS. Vista Del Campo, Vista Del Campo Norte, and Camino Del Sol. They are 3 housing areas that are connected but not, to UCI housing. It’s hard to explain. Their basically a seperate entity from UCI(company), but work with UCI to provide housing for undergrad students. Lots of 2nd and 3rd years live here. Some 4th years, and maybe 5th years, though I know a lot move into actual apartments around those years.

4) MPR. It might be because I live 5 feet from this building, but the MPR, the Multi-purpose room, to me, seems to be used by a LOT of different organizations for different purposes (really?). So, if you’re ever told to go to the MPR, go to Mesa, and ask somebody. Cause it’s RIGHT THERE. Hard to explain though if you don’t know the area too well.

Till next time!

DSC to the rescue!

Disability Services Center

Picture of Disability Services Center taken from

Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about the UCI Disability Services Center (DSC). As you can tell by the name of our resource, the Disability Services Center is provided for students with disabilities to help them in a number of ways. The main thing the center is concerned with is providing substantial support in all classes for any disabled student who needs it, included captions for videos or in real life, a Sign Language translator, and even taped textbooks for students. Their goal is to provide these disabled students with what they need to receive the equal experience in a class as someone who did not have a disability.

I think the coolest thing about the DSC is that they operate as their own community. They have specialized Disability specialists who work with students and can meet with the every quarter, and there is even a DSC orientation. These may seem like little things, but they create a community for those who need help, which helps the insecurity of a new place with new challenges.

However, I know the majority of you currently don’t feel the need to utilize these services, that they aren’t very important in your lives. Although it seems sort of daunting, I’d like to remind you all that things can happen that no one is prepared for. Just last week I saw a girl injured by a vehicle that broke her leg. Also, winter quarter is prime time for ski and snowboarding trips, and also prime time for broken arms or other appendages because of those trips. I even know of a friend who broke his ankle because another one of his friends fell on him accidentally. Of course, there are many other students that are happy and healthy, but there are endless possibilities in which you might get hurt, so its nice, especially since I know so many people who just got hurt, to have the center.

Finally, I wanted to talk about an opportunity the DSC offers that both helps these disabled students and those who are not. The DSC hires students to take notes during class lectures in order to help those who have recently broken their arms or need notes in another way. This is an actual job, and it is also beneficial to the student taking the notes, as they will be more likely to pay attention if they know their notes are getting them money.

Overall, the DSC is a wonderful resource, both for those with disabilities and for the rest of the students who are one slip away from casts. The only issue I’ve noticed is that sometimes registering as a disabled person takes time, possibly more than a student is willing to wait, for certain resources, such as captioning and recorded books. But besides that, the Disability Services Center is a very helpful resource for those who need it.

Why The Anteater?

Since coming here to UCI, I’ve always wondered why the Anteater was selected as our official university mascot. I mean couldn’t the university have picked a much more potent, exciting, and intimidating figure like USC’s Trojan or UCLA’s Bruin? Don’t get me wrong though, I love Peter, the Anteater, and I sure am proud of being part of the Anteater family. I guess I just feel that it’s best to give some history behind our mascot and how Peter, the Anteater, came to be.

It all started by two water polo players, Pat Glasgow and Bob Erns, who loved comics and was inspired by the Johnny Hart comic strip “B.C.” Both of these student athletes campaigned fiercely before the mascot election in 1965, and their hard work sure payed off in the end. With 56% majority of students’ votes, the Anteater officialy became UCI’s mascot.  Consequently, “ZOT” became the official “war-cry” since Johnny Hart’s comic strip made his anteater yell “ZOT” in his own portrayal of the anteater.

Being a wee-little freshman, I’m still unfamiliar with the background of UCI. But when I researched about our mascot and the history behind UCI’s Anteater, I was very glad to find out the main reasons behind the selection.  History is enriching, and I’m just glad I was able to write about it to you guys. Without Bob Erns and Pat Glasgow, there wouldn’t be a “Zot” Blog, “Zot” Link, “Zot” Portal, “Zot” ‘N GO, etc. so be proud to be an Anteater and make sure to show your pride at athletic events throughout the rest of the school year! Whether you’re cheering at a game or walking through Aldrich park, remember that with supporting the school community comes Anteater pride!

Take the Challenge! – Islam Awareness Month

Hijab Day Challenge - Muslim Student Union

First of all, I want to wish you all a happy three-day weekend!!! <3

If you guys were on campus, I am sure you noticed some girls were wearing a light blue headscarf this past Thursday. February is Islam Awareness Month, and to create awareness among the student body at UCI, the Muslim Student Union planned multiple events to occur throughout this month in which both Muslim and non-Muslim students can participate. Thursday was Hijab Day Challenge 2011: Empowering Women. The purpose of this event was to “take on the challenge to walk in a Muslim’s shoes for a day.” Women would have the challenge to wear a hijab, or headscarf, for the day, and men would have the challenge to lower their gaze when they came face to face with women, as is traditionally expected.

Here are the Hijab Day Challenge Guidelines (for women):

In order to fully apply the standards of Hijab, all Hijab Day Challenge participants are recommended to abide by the following guidelines for the duration of the event:

  1. Participants should ensure that their hair is covered at all times in front of members of the opposite sex who are not related to them, i.e., in public.
  2. Participants should dress with modesty, wearing clothing that covers all parts of the body except for the hands, and face.
  3. Participants should refrain from participating in any illicit activities while wearing the Hijab.
  4. Participants should try to conduct themselves with good character and conduct, as these are essential characteristics of a Muslim.
  5. Participants should refrain from engaging in physical contact with members of the opposite sex while wearing the Hijab.

I proudly took on the challenge that day to wear the headscarf, along with a couple of my friends, as well. I must admit it felt uncomfortable at times, or rather, unusual, because we are not used to wearing a scarf on our heads and keeping our hair out of sight. We actually do the complete opposite. We are used to waking up every morning and worrying about what we will do with our hear for that day, whether straighten it and leave it down, curl it, put it up in a ponytail or in a bun, make a braid, etc. This is our way of expressing ourselves and showing ourselves off to the world. Muslim women, however, are not able to do this. They need to dress modestly and cannot show their hair in public.

At the end of the day, there was an informal meeting to which all of the participants were encouraged to attend to reflect on their day wearing a hijab. This was a meaningful part of the day because we all got to give our input on how we felt throughout the day, wearing the hijab, and how we now thought of the Islam religion, having experienced a small part of it that day.

If you guys are interested in learning more about Islam and its people, and participating in the coming events this month, visit 😀

A not so romantic Valentine’s Day…

I actually got in trouble for taking this! ^^ ;

Monday, February 14. Valentine’s Day. It started out wonderfully! I got an awesome Valentine’s Day present and baked some pretty decent tasting cookies. However… as the day drew on I began to get the chills and eventually, an amazingly high fever. I somehow got the flu! So instead of a nice cute Valentine’s dinner with the boyfriend, it was me and a bottle of Theraflu all night. Not fun.

Since I was stuck in bed along with my misery for the entire week, I wasn’t able to go anywhere to eat out – nor was I even able to really eat anything. So instead, I’ll just write about a place that I visited a few months ago but never wrote an entry for. Hey, at least I have pictures!

The place? 85°C Bakery over at Diamond Jamboree. I know, I’ve reviewed places at Diamond Jamboree so many times but right now this is my only option! ):

This is a lovely usually-busy bakery, though you don’t want to wait until the end of the day to visit because that’s when their stock starts to run low. I’m sure that whatever your craving is, they’ll have something to satisfy it. If you’re not in the mood for baked bread, try one of their pastries! They even have some really nice looking cakes available.

My favorite nameless bread! ♥

The various breads~!

My favorite bread that I’ve tried there was this round-shaped bread which somehow looked like Melon Bread to me, though it wasn’t. The inside was very plain, but still delicious. It was the baked crust that won be over though. Even though it seems like it was just plain hardened sugar on the top, it was still like a bread that I’ve never tried before. Another one of my favorites is their chocolate chip bread, though I do feel like a few more chocolate chips would make it even better.

All in all, I think 85°C Bakery is a great place to visit if you want to try different types of breads or pastries… and a definite place to hit up if you need a cake for a birthday or some other celebration!

Mm I’m getting hungry just thinking about all the good breads… and I can’t even really swallow bread right now. )’:

Hopefully I’ll be better next week and give a nice review of some new place?

~ Charmaine

<3 Lend a Heart with iMed <3

iMed at UCI 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 😀

I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! Always good to have a small break from school and studying. This week I have something very cool to share with you guys. Or at least in my opinion, I think it is great. 😀 This past Wednesday I went to one of iMed’s general meetings, which stands for International Medicine. iMed’s mission is to help prevent diseases for underserved and underprivileged children around the world. And they mean it when they say around the world! Many of the members have traveled to Central America during their summers and throughout the year to honor their mission and serve some of the people that need it most.

I have to say that I loved going to their meeting. They were very friendly and are always glad to see new members. And talking about members, I also have to say that I was astounded by the number of them that were at the meeting. I didn’t actually count – I’d look silly if I had – but if I had to estimate how many people there were, I’d say forty or more was about it, and that says a lot about the club.  At this meeting, we all gathered around tables and made Valentine’s for children. Some of iMed’s members went to a homeless shelter in Costa Mesa this Saturday to share a couple hours of their time with the children and take them the Valentines we made, letting them know that there are many people that care for them. As you can see, iMed is not only concerned about helping in other countries, but pitching in in their own community as well, in whichever small but meaningful way they can. Sadly, I was unable to go. 🙁 I would have been so excited to do so but the list of volunteers was already full, as everyone was ready and happy to help, so I missed out on this one. However, they are doing other things similar to this in the upcoming weeks, such as going to elementary schools to teach the kids CPR, which I think is super cool! I will make sure to sign up early this time! 😀

If you guys are interested in joining these great people in lending a hand, or rather, a heart, to others, their meetings are on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM at the Cross Cultural Center in Ring Room. They also have a website:, where you can find out more about them, and you can see them on Facebook as well. Just search for “iMed at UCI” and join! I am proud to say that I have joined iMed! 😀

Shopping and Food All At UCI?!

Welcome to the first vendor fair of the quarter!

My beloved kettle corn~! ♥

One thing that I find myself looking forward to every quarter is the vendor fair, put together by ASUCI. These lovely fairs happen twice every quarter and feature a number of pop-up shops near the Student Center selling everything from artwork, apparel, and even stuffed animals! I tend to stray from buying from many of the vendors since I’m always running short on cash (online shopping is a beast) but there’s one thing I never fail to buy… kettle corn!

When you’re endlessly browsing the different stores for something you just can’t live without, you get hungry, right? Good thing there are a number of food stalls there as well! I adore kettle corn though and buying some freshly popped, warm goodness is enough to brighten up my day. That’s not all you can find though. This week (the first vendor fair for winter quarter) I noticed that there were other vendors selling funnel cakes, caramel apples, hot dogs, burgers, shaved ice… you name it! Basically, if you’re craving any of those delicious carnival foods, they’ve got you covered.

These were nicely decorated~ I need to try it next time!

I’ve never bought anything other than kettle corn and a Gloomy Bear hat during the vendor fair though so I can’t vouch for how good the other foods are. Judging by the lines of people in front of their stalls, especially around noon, I’m pretty sure it’s well worth the money. But really, if you like kettle corn then you absolutely must buy the bags (snack, medium or large size) they sell at the vendor fair! It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Of course, you occasionally get those pieces where it’s coated in a little too much sugar, but overall it’s worth falling in line for.

Maybe during the next vendor fair I’ll try to scrounge up some change and  buy something else just to mix things up a bit, but for now kettle corn is enough for me~ I’m kind of sad that I actually managed to eat up an entire medium bag in one day. )’: I was planning on making it last through the weekend since there never seems to be a satisfying snack at home. Oh well… I guess that’s all for now.

Buy me some different food next time the vendor fair’s at UCI? :3

~ Charmaine ^^