Roommate Problem 2: Messy Rooms

The second most common complaint that I hear from my friends who have roommates is that someone is always messy. Either it’s the simple not making the bed (ever), or going all out and leaving dirty dishes, clothes, and papers/books on the floor. Having a messy room can get tiresome, especially if you can’t exactly clean because you can’t really touch your roommate’s things. Well I found a few things that you can do to fix the problem! Some are what my friends actually did as well. Will these work for you? 😀

Does your room look like this?

  1. Tell Them [Straight Up]
    • This is the most direct method and has a high risk of getting a negative reaction depending on how your roommate is and how you execute your words. Some people will come back and say, “Don’t tell me what to do, this is my side of the room” or “You’re not my mother”. If you want to get the best out of this method, it’s highly suggested that you tell them calmly that you want them to clean up their side of the room and list off why so that they know there’s a real reason (like, their side is making the entire room smell) versus it just being your pet peeve. Most people won’t care if it’s just a pet peeve because they will counter with saying, “That’s your problem.”
  2. Clean Your Side
    • Cleaning up your side and keeping it extremely tidy might just give them a hint…
  3. Clean For Them
    • This is highly not recommend unless you and your roommate are close enough as friends to be touching each other’s things and rearranging stuff. Most people don’t like it when their rooms are cleaned (even by their own mothers).
  4. Leave Sticky Notes
    • Leave sticky notes all over their side of the room! Particularly on the things you want to be cleaned up. Perhaps stick one on their pillow that says, “Please make  your bed”, and another one on their fridge that says, “Please clean your dishes” or “Recycle the milk carton you finished drinking”. It’s a creative way to tell someone that you need them to tidy things up a bit, and they are less likely to be offended by this because most find the sticky notes to be cute.
Have you ever tried any of those? Have you ever even had this problem? Do share your experience in the comments section!!


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